delaware and Profisee join forces to bring an easy-to-implement Microsoft-based Master Data Management platform to the market

Jun 12, 2019
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In a world in which data landscapes become more complex and the value of data is recognized more than ever, implementing Master Data Management (MDM) is a must-do. As a consequence of this evolution, delaware experiences a rising number of requests from its customers to foresee an MDM solution that is flexible, affordable and effortless to set-up. Therefore, delaware and Profisee have joined forces to make the introduction of MDM easy and affordable for companies of all sizes, which allows them to build a solid master data foundation.

Profisee, one of the upcoming leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, differs from most MDM solutions by its ease of implementation and the support for gradual growth in corporate Data Management. It is an open and multi-domain MDM platform that allows users to deduplicate their master data into ‘golden records’ by means of matching algorithms that can be configured by end-users. Event management and workflow capabilities allow businesses to set up data creation and validation processes. This, in combination with standard support for integrations with several systems in the market, ensures that with Profisee organizations are equipped to tackle master data governance at an enterprise level.

This allows, for instance, service companies to collect customer data from every system or department in the organization in order to create that unique, up-to-date view on every client. This client overview works as a true ‘golden record’ that can be used by the entire company to interact with their customers. Every department falls back on the same, shared master dataset to support its services. Operationally, this Microsoft-based solution optimizes the internal master data streams over multiple systems. But more importantly, it truly realizes a consistent interaction with customers.

Edel Boone, Solution Lead Data Management at delaware, says: “We’re excited to partner with Profisee and to be able to bring this innovative solution to our customers. The platform can be used by companies of all sizes and is fully scalable after implementation. It can grow together with your company and its ever evolving master data needs.”

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