delaware and De Watergroep winners of the Publica Gold Award for Technology

May 09, 2018
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delaware and De Watergroep are pleased to announce that we have received the EBP Gold Award for Technology for our joint project to provide better insights into net water loss. Organized by EBP, this third edition of the awards ceremony took place on Wednesday, April 25.

Winning insights into water loss

De Watergroep is Belgium’s largest supplier of drinking water. Every day, more than 1,450 employees ensure the provision of water to 3 million customers via a network of 30,000km of pipes leading to 180 municipalities and hundreds of enterprises. To keep its daily promise of providing clean, readily accessible water to its stakeholders and customers, De Watergroep relies upon a proven, sustainable policy and solid business strategy.

However, research showed that 20% of the water De Watergroep delivers to its customers is not invoiced. While this is a favorable result when compared to the European average, De Watergroep nevertheless recognized the opportunity for improvement and sought to increase its insights into its own net water loss.

With this in mind, De Watergroep teamed up with delaware to find a solution. Together, we set the ambitious goal of generating deeper insights through the introduction of a series of thorough data and business analyses. To do so, we created a smart alerting algorithm and devised better reporting solutions, which allowed for substantial reduction of the social, ecological and economic impact of this problem. Combining our new, sharper insights and data with a mixture of experience from IT, data and water production personnel turned out to be crucial to ensuring this project’s success.

Icing on the cake

The Publica Gold award for Technology is the icing on the cake for this project, recognizing our joint efforts, reinforcing our smooth collaboration throughout the process, and rewarding our stamina and determination to succeed together.

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