BizzMine and delaware join forces to drive Innovation in QHSE Management landscape

Mar 12, 2024
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BizzMine, a leading software provider in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Management proudly announces a strategic partnership with delaware, a globally renowned IT and business consulting firm.

FLTR: Thierry Bruyneel, Peter De Brabandere and Johan Raedemaeker

This collaboration signifies the union of two industry leaders driven by a shared commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and client success. Together, BizzMine and delaware forge a powerful synergy aimed at revolutionizing QHSE processes. The partnership between BizzMine and delaware combines advanced technology with broad sector expertise, enabling organizations to incorporate QHSE principles into their digital transformations effectively. Leveraging delaware's expertise in integration, the BizzMine solution seamlessly aligns with cloud architectures, following end-to-end best practices.

As part of this partnership, delaware is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming BizzMine QHSE Summit scheduled for May 28 this year at Kinepolis Antwerp. This event brings together industry leaders, innovators, and experts to explore the forefront of QHSE technology integration within the digital landscape. This collaborative event promises insightful discussions  on optimizing QHSE processes. 

Everything you need for maximum compliance

“Compliance doesn’t just guarantee safety; it also avoids warning letters from the authorities, incurring greater costs than investing in robust QHSE tools like BizzMine’s," remarked Peter De Brabandere, Founder and CEO at BizzMine. "Our platform optimizes Quality and EHS workflows, elevating QHSE management to new heights. From streamlining document control, knowledge management and audits to resolving complaints comprehensively, and ensuring occupational safety and health — BizzMine covers it all."

BizzMine and delaware: two complementary forces

The collaboration between delaware and BizzMine unites two complementary types of expertise. BizzMine boasts a top QHSE management product: easy and secure – no need to build a customized solution from scratch. delaware, on the other hand, has the international know-how to implement and integrate the BizzMine software into different platforms and ecosystems. 

Thierry Bruyneel, partner at delaware, adds “Using our knowledge of many process industries and verticals, we support organizations to incorporate QHSE processes into their digital transformation. Together, we make sure that both new and existing customers enjoy a state-of-the-art QHSE solution that evolves in tune with their journey and legal requirements.”

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