What’s new in SAP Marketing Cloud version 2005

Sep 21, 2020
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  • SAP

The quarterly upgrade of the SAP Marketing Cloud system was released just weeks ago – making it the perfect moment to review what version 2005 has to offer. In this blog post, we walk you through the newest features and highlights – and their benefits for your business.

General: side navigation

Let’s start with a small update: there’s a new button that allows you to easily navigate between apps without returning to the homepage.

SAP Homepage new features

Data File Load for permissions and subscriptions

The Data File Load app replaces the Import Data app. It is significantly more flexible, as it allows .xslx files in addition to .csv files, and it doesn’t require an exact input template, because you can map the columns of your input file to fields in SAP Marketing Cloud.

The Data File Load app already existed for ‘contact’ and ‘interaction’ data, but ‘permissions’ and ‘subscriptions’ objects are now also available.

Additionally, there is an authorization check that verifies whether you are allowed to upload data belonging to a specific marketing area.

SAP Data File Load new features

Interaction details and extension fields from the contact factsheet

It was already possible to click on an interaction shown on the contact factsheet to view its details, but in version 2005, this navigation is enhanced. It will also be possible to visualize additional fields on the interaction details page.

SAP Contact Fact sheet new features

Email inbox previews with Litmus

You can now extend Content Studio with an additional tab for Litmus. To use this functionality, a separate Litmus license is needed, as it is not included in the SAP Marketing Cloud license. Litmus allows you to visualize your email draft in 90+ different email apps (Outlook, Gmail, Apple mail) and devices (iPhone X, iPhone 6, Outlook iOS, Android, …) so you can rest assured that it looks good everywhere.

Content Studio

The previous release featured a new email editor that was launched in Content Studio, called ‘New Email Editor’. In this release, it has been renamed to ‘Email Lite’.

In Email Lite, the following improvements are made:

  • You can now enter a preview text. This text is displayed in many email clients underneath the email subject and provides a sneak peek into the email content.

  • There is a new block type for ‘Product’.

SAP Product new features

  • In Forms, you can now add a Captcha element. This is based on Google reCAPTCHA v3 and detects the likelihood of the form being filled in by a bot and blocks those submissions. This type of Captcha doesn’t invite users to “type this combination of letters” or “click all the cars in the picture”, but runs a calculation in the background.

SAP Edit form new features

This is only a selection of the most interesting new features of the 2005 release for delaware’s current SAP Marketing Cloud customers. Plenty of additional new features are available and can be explored on the SAP website.

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