What about the ‘care’-metric?

Aug 21, 2017

Let’s be honest: at delaware metrics matter, just as this is the case for most organizations. But figures are also largely determined by the culture of an organization. How people feel at work has a huge impact on how they perform and interact with customers. That’s why the #peopleofdelaware practice the five company values in everything we do: care, commitment, entrepreneurship, respect and team spirit.

The initiative, where all these values blend together, is WeCare, a platform to support charities carried by #peopleofdelaware. Usually, we don’t communicate our internal initiatives with everyone, but for once we’re making an exception, because we are truly proud of what we have achieved.

Some of our care-metrics:


battled for honor at the ‘Fund Isaan’ quiz on 5 May. In total, the ‘Fund Isaan’ quiz raised €7,560. This amount will be used to send delaware-volunteers to the Isaan region of Thailand to support local children’s education. WeCare will also invest an additional €9,000 in the initiative for setting up two computer classrooms.


was, the movie premiere of ‘De beklimming van de berg Alzheimer’, a film about young dementia. A strong story about strong people. WeCare donated €3,000 in support of this worthy initiative to make society more aware of the impact of young dementia on its patients and their families.


gave the best of themselves to support people with intellectual disabilities during the Special Olympics from 24-27 May in Lommel. For once we weren’t digitally transforming, but instead we were transforming lives through the joy of sport. And because we truly believe in the value of being special, WeCare – as a Bronze Sponsor – donated an additional €25,000 to this organization.


were raised for cancer research by ten Dutch colleagues who participated in the Alpe d’HuZes challenge on 1 June. WeCare sponsored to the tune of €1,000 and delaware Netherlands donated €10,000, in the hope that no one will have to die of cancer in the future. Our Dutch colleagues raised a further €16,000 themselves. An incredible achievement!


is the deadline for our Sporty Thing initiative. Until then, all #peopleofdelaware can hike, bike or swim to help to raise up to €17,500 or save 25,000 trees with WeForest. And, right now, it looks like we will achieve this goal, all together!

A good gauge

The results show that #peopleofdelaware truly care. About our customers, but certainly also about our families and environment. But it also shows that we cherish diversity, that we can commit ourselves for something we care of, that we excel by trying to become the best possible version of ourselves and that we are working in one team to bring meaningful results.

In short, our ‘(We)Care’-metric is a good measure for who we are and what our organization stands for. What about your ‘care’-metric? Happy to hear about your initiatives, since after all, sharing is caring!