Shaping the future of HR, an immersive delaware event

Nov 28, 2019
  • people
  • SAP
  • artificial intelligence & RPA

In early November, delaware and SAP hosted an event for dozens of HR professionals to immerse them in the world of the intelligent enterprise of the future. The day was filled with various sessions about Robotic Process Automation (RPA), People Analytics, Employee Experience, Change Management and much more. Discover some of the highlights below!

People first, then technology

Managing Partner Patrick Andersen welcomed our guests and explained how delaware is leading by example using SAP SuccessFactors to contribute to a better employee experience. With his interesting insights into how delaware has the in-house knowledge to learn about its employees and capture data, he showed that it is equally important to focus on the human approach. 

SAP expert Grégory Delpech and delaware expert Jos Gilissen shared the advantages of SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 – a robust onboarding solution that lasts. They also emphasized the importance of RPA for payroll integration. Imagine a world where contract preparation didn’t require any manual work! RPA is a way of automating processes using software robots that map any IT-based business processes, regardless of the systems involved. 

A visit to the HR Experience Rooms

In the HR Experience Rooms, we were introduced to HR Director Ben. He faced three major shortcomings in his HR department – to which technology provided the answers. First of all, Ben had few actionable insights. He solved this by integrating the complete HR landscape into SuccessFactors and using People Analytics. Secondly, he wanted to know more about how his employees were feeling. That’s where survey software Qualtrics came in, covering the whole employee lifecycle. Ben also dreamed of a platform where he could centralize all his HR data. SAP Analytics Cloud provided the solution with analytics capabilities for all users.

Goedele Derveaux, Head of Demand Management BeLux & SAP Experience Center Brussels, guided us through the ‘digital city’ where employees live nowadays. Meanwhile, Juan Staes showed us how to improve the employee experience by using SuccessFactors and integrating Microsoft Office 365, Qualtrics, chatbots, AI, RPA and other tools in order to build a complete, employee-friendly and future-proof ecosystem.

Looking ahead

After the HR Experience Rooms sessions, Paul Belsack, digital workplace expert at delaware, illustrated how combining Office 365 with SAP SuccessFactors can make life easier for HR staff and employees alike. It facilitates linking employee files from Sharebox to SuccessFactors and storing work documents in Teams, thereby creating a central workspace where employees can chat and share information.

Next, Caroline Hillaert and Elke Toebaert conducted a role-play exercise to show how change and communication management can enhance best practices when rolling out a new system. The takeaway message of their presentation was that the key to a successful roll-out is the quality of the solution and end-user acceptance. 

Last but not least, Juan Staes informed us about everything that’s on the agenda for 2020, from webinars to seminars. Juan also introduced the new concept of HR technology master classes. In collaboration with Securex, we will organize four such master classes throughout 2020. 

Are you interested in participating in our master classes? Get in touch!