delaware co-driver of a connected Vertigo

May 15, 2018
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The Belgian supercar manufacturer, Automobiles Gillet, is returning to racing, 25 years after its famous Vertigo broke the world acceleration record for a production car. A new version of the racing car will be at the start of the prestigious Pikes Peak racetrack, on June 24 in Colorado. The driver, Vanina Ickx, will be able to rely on IoT technologies installed by delaware to optimize the performance of the connected Vertigo...

The race to the clouds

Nicknamed “The Race to the Clouds”, Pikes Peak is a hill climb in the Rockies, a real sprint of nearly 20 km to the summit at 4,301 meters.

delaware will be “co-driver” for Vanina Ickx, who is returning to racing at the wheel of a more flamboyant Vertigo than ever before. In addition to sponsor, delaware is also the technological partner of Automobiles Gillet in this great sporting adventure.

delaware will, in fact, have some of its cutting edge knowledge on the Internet of Things (IoT) aboard the Vertigo. The racing car will, for instance, be equipped with sensors to provide valuable information on tire pressure, temperature, vibration level, etc. This raw data will then be converted into relevant information on the screens of the engineers in the Gillet team, through the cloud infrastructure.

“The nickname ‘The Race to the Clouds” couldn’t be more apt, as delaware will use all the potential of the ‘cloud’ and the IoT to boost the performance of the Vertigo. For us, this Pikes Peak is also a unique opportunity to reach both a sporting and technological peak,” says Vincent Lechien, partner at delaware.

Shared passion for cars

This partnership between delaware and Automobiles Gillet is also and above all the result of a shared passion for cars. For almost 15 years, delaware has gained unique expertise in implementing software solutions tailored to the automotive industry. The company is particularly known for its experience in the implementation of SAP software and especially its FAST Automotive model integrating the sector’s unique characteristics.

This joint race is an opportunity to promote Belgian know-how in cutting edge technology at the highest international level.