CX FSM Connect helps you provide better service to your customer

Sep 21, 2020
  • sales, marketing and service
  • SAP

Optimize your end-to-end service flow with SAP Field Service Management and CX FSM Connect and boost customer satisfaction.

How CX FSM Connect can improve customer satisfaction

Even though customers have plenty of channels available to submit service requests, such as a customer self-service portal, the number one go-to option is still e-mail. This e-mail contains a lot of information that needs to end up in your service planning tool. Manual action is required, which extends the duration of the end-to-end service flow and increases the chance of losing important information.

CX FSM Connect is an Outlook add-in that automates service call creation from Outlook to SAP Field Service Management. When a service request is received by e-mail, it takes only two clicks to automatically create the service request in your SAP Field Service Management system. This leads to higher efficiency, thanks to less manual administration, faster creation of service calls from outlook and a shorter end-to-end execution time.

Automation raises efficiency and data accuracy

When a customer submits a service request by sending an e-mail, a manual process is still needed to input this service request and its details into Field Service Management and enable the technician to start the flow from planning to execution. With the CX FSM Connect add-in installed, the service request creation is triggered in just two clicks without the back-office user ever leaving the Outlook application.

Based on the sender’s e-mail address, the correct business partner is automatically assigned to the service request, eliminating the need to search for this information in the system. If necessary, the back-office user has the possibility of changing or adding service request data in Outlook before handing it off to FSM.

How it works: a step-by-step guide

Once the add-in is installed, it becomes available in the home tab on top of the screen. When clicking on the add-in, a side panel with two buttons appears in outlook.  

With the first button, the information from the e-mail such as the subject, the sender, etc. is retrieved. During this stage, the user has the possibility of changing the details for the service request before handing it over to SAP Field Service Management.

Once all information in the side panel is correct, the second button can be used to hand the information over to the Field Service Management system. A service call will automatically be created containing the details from the e-mail, such as the business partner who made the request, the subject, further details from within the e-mail message, the date and time the e-mail was sent, and more.

Afterwards, a success message is shown to confirm that the service request was created in the Field Service Management system. The service call ID is also mentioned in the success message, making it easy for the service call to be found quickly.

Without leaving Outlook and within just two clicks and less than one minute, a service call with a business partner, contact person, date, and subject is created in Field Service Management based on an incoming e-mail. This means that within one minute of the receipt of the e-mail, it may be possible for a dispatcher to assign and release this service request to a technician in the field and supply them with all the information they need to provide good service to the customer.

By getting rid of the manual steps and automating service call creation from e-mail, CX FSM Connect optimizes end-to-end service flows and contributes to delivering faster and better service to your customer, resulting in higher satisfaction.

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