There are probably just as many definitions of consultancy as there are consultants. And if you would ask the #peopleofdelaware to describe their job, you’d probably get widely different responses, too. 

What makes a delaware consultant different?

Let us be clear: We don’t really believe in the short-term outsourcing practices that are common in IT consultancy. Solutions are built together! That’s why we take on a project-based approach to consulting.

You’ll always be part of a team: We find strength and inspiration in long-term relationships with customers, partners and colleagues, from problem to solution. 
Our customers appreciate our close involvement and down-to-earth mentality: it’s how we delaware consultants forge strong connections.

So yes, we’re in it from A to Z: from defining the business needs to building the solution and eventually, implementing it and providing support. 


The stereotypical delaware consultant doesn’t exist. There, we said it. So to paint a somewhat accurate picture of what we do, we asked some of our colleagues for advice:  

What do you do at delaware?

The delaware DNA

The delaware DNA

At delaware, we’re not just business consultants, nor pure technical consultants – we do both. We strike a balance between guiding our customers through their business and digital transformations, using IT solutions.

It is exactly this combination that makes consultancy at delaware a little different. It’s the delaware DNA: one strand is consultancy, the other is technology – and there’s no separating them. 

One thing is for certain: delaware consultants are all talented people, ready to tackle challenges using the power of technology. 

does your vision on technology match ours?