SAP on Azure brings the best of both worlds to Renson

Jan 27, 2021
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For Belgian family business Renson, there’s ‘no speed limit on innovation’ – a tagline that puts top priority on visionary IT. The quest for flexibility, scalability and security, combined with their reliance on Microsoft cloud solutions, led CIO Koen Van Loo to investigate the possibilities of SAP on Azure, in partnership with delaware. Discover the full story below and start your own successful migration journey with our e-book.

Renson develops and manufactures ventilation, sun protection and glass covering solutions for outdoor areas like terraces. As a big believer in continuous improvement, Koen Van Loo actively searches for ways to make the firm’s IT infrastructure lean and agile, while getting the most long-term value from it.

CIO Koen Van Loo explains why Renson chose to implement SAP on Azure with delaware in the video below.

When Microsoft and SAP meet in the cloud

“We’ve been using Microsoft cloud solutions like Azure and Office 365 for a very long time,” explains Koen.  “It made sense to us to explore if we could implement SAP on Azure as well, since doing so would offer us a certified environment and plenty of flexibility, scalability, redundancy and security.”

The delaware-Renson team planned an implementation spanning the entire basic SAP S/4HANA package, including core modules like Sales & Distribution, Material Master and others, as well as more specialised modules like Vendor Invoice Management and Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence.

However, the company’s complex, highly automated IT infrastructure proved challenging during the rollout. “It took plenty of brainstorming sessions between our team and delaware experts to get it right, but we eventually developed an ideal solution,” Koen continues.

Benefits with far-reaching impacts

Because SAP is implemented on Renson’s standard Azure cloud, it has become significantly easier for the IT team to integrate SAP with a wide range of applications. Koen says: “Even more, Azure continuously offers new functionalities that we can explore to find out if they offer value for us.”

In choosing this approach, Renson succeeded in building a disaster recovery solution within the same cloud environment. “If we had done this on-premise, it would have been a much more complex project,” Koen stresses.

The right partner means a smooth project

Koen and his team appreciated the strong cultural fit between Renson and delaware, as well as delaware’s experienced Microsoft and SAP consultants. “delaware also offers tight connections with the vendors,” he adds. “During the rollout, for example, a performance issue came up. Together with the ‘black belt’ consultants from delaware, Microsoft and SAP, we were able to rapidly solve the problem.”

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