Continuous improvement and innovation at Joris Ide

Jul 03, 2017
  • discrete manufacturing
  • SAP

Joris Ide and delaware both enjoy pushing the SAP boundaries. What started with an SAP ERP project has turned into an ongoing innovation challenge. Here’s the story of our long lasting partnership.

The company, member of Kingspan Group, is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of roofing and façade systems. The group is active in 15 different countries and has 14 production units. Joris Ide employs 1,000 employees and processes more than 300,000 tons of steal a year. Its core products are roof, wall, façade and construction solutions.

A long-lasting partnership

Joris Ide and delaware have been partnering for over a decade now. The relationship started in 2006-2007, when the company needed to support its growth and delaware introduced the company’s first SAP ERP implementation. The result: more efficient production, follow-up and planning.

Several years later, delaware assisted Joris Ide in transitioning towards SAP Suite on HANA. The aim was to overcome some limitations in performance while also adopting more real-time analytics and apps.

Currently, delaware is helping Joris Ide in becoming more innovative. The key backbone being SAP Fiori for the development of a wide variety of apps. Projects include:

  • An application to optimize the creation of quotations by service desk employees.
  • A geo mapping app that highlights where trucks are and when deliveries are being made.
  • An app to improve the overall quality control of deliveries at construction sites, giving additional guarantees to both the customer and Joris Ide.

How to optimize the delivery quality process?

Joris Ide truck drivers make deliveries to construction sites all day long. Often at times when there is no supervision. A frequent problem, however, is 1) theft or damages to the materials after the delivery has been made and 2) the difficulty of establishing proper responsibilities.

To overcome this, delaware developed an app for the Joris Ide truck drivers that lets them clearly indicate when a delivery was made and also add pictures from the actual delivery and in which state it has been left. This information is shared in real-time with both the end-customer and Joris Ide, giving both parties greater quality control.

An early adopter of all things SAP

Joris Ide is an early adopter of many of the SAP systems and delaware is glad to help out in various areas:

  • The company fully adopts SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) and was one of the first companies overall to start using Fiori. As such, fewer machines are needed while the libraries in the cloud offer many more features readily available out-of-the-box. As such, flexibility in development increases while compatibility remains high.
  • Business reporting and data visualization have evolved to a level of depth unknown before through SAP BusinessObjects Lumira.
  • Production units have been equipped with sensors and with the aid of SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII), predictive maintenance comes within reach. 

Other projects consist of e-invoicing, open text archive services, process and data integration and optimization with SAP EDI, and more.

An ongoing story

delaware's involvement within Joris Ide is very broad. It extends beyond the traditional IT consultancy or implementation. From strategy definition to operational improvement, from connecting systems and people over production and warehousing to managed services.

Our aim, as delaware, is always to improve process excellence and overall quality. And Joris Ide is a great partner to do just that.