Diversity and inclusion

Our society is diverse and so are we

After all, we can only deliver the right solutions to our customers when we are representative of the world around us. Diversity and inclusion enables us to be more innovative, generate better financial results and attract and retain more talent. That makes it of strategic importance to any company that wants to stay relevant.

D&I is an integral part of who we are

Our journey as a company started with an ambition: to become a company that will last for 200 years. But remaining relevant for such a period of time, will only be possible if we are able to take good care of our employees, our customers, our partners and the broader world we live in.

That’s why our diversity and inclusion efforts tie in nicely with our overall company values of care, team spirit, commitment, respect and entrepreneurship.

People working at delaware all around the world

at delaware, we aspire to create a culture where everyone feels respected, is able to grow and empowered to develop their full potential

Walk the talk

Here’s what our #peopleofdelaware have to say about diversity and inclusion at delaware.

Jan Delaere gives his view on D&I in IT

“I’m convinced that true inclusion leads to happier, more agile and stronger teams.” Jan Delaere, founding partner and chairman of delaware, gives his view on Diversity & Inclusion in IT.

Ruth Ameye helped building the D&I program at delaware

Ruth Ameye helped building the Diversity & Inclusion program at delaware to create “a safe environment where we can all be our unique self, where we feel supported, valued and truly a part of the #peopleofdelaware.” Discover more about our D&I efforts in this video.

Ellen Van Boven talks about her mentor work in Thailand

“Every individual should feel respected and be able to contribute without any restrictions.” Ellen Van Boven is a proud ambassador of delaware’s Diversity & Inclusion taskforce. Learn more about her mentor work with less fortunate children in Thailand and much more in this video.  

Paulo Bambo values delaware's D&I projects

“When Diversity & Inclusion is a reality, it opens new perspectives to everyone, which allows talent to reach their full potential.” Listen to Paulo Bambo explain why he values delaware’s D&I projects.

Pieter-Jan Pruuost inspires others to mix different talents

For Pieter-Jan Pruuost, “Diversity is about freedom of spirit and thoughts, and about creating room for all kinds of ideas.” PJ is only one of delaware’s Diversity & Inclusion ambassadors, who inspire others to mix many different talents and boost innovation.

Our diversity and inclusion pledge

Respect for every individual is at the heart of our company and there is absolutely no room for prejudice, intolerance or discrimination.

We strive for true inclusion which implies removing all barriers and biases as well as all forms of discrimination and intolerance. We want to provide the solid ground that makes every individual feel respected and supported. Our equal growth opportunities are aimed at making sure that all #peopleofdelaware feel they belong.

Join us! You’re welcome! 

Neither your career nor delaware is a sprint – they’re both marathons.

Discover your career opportunities at delaware.

WeCare - CSR at delaware

WeCare is our social responsibility program that supports social and environmental initiatives organized by #peopleofdelaware.

WeCare initiatives grow bottom-up, because caring is a community task.