Step 1: we assess

Step 1: we assess

We’re brutally honest – in a gentle way. 

Aided by our expertise and extensive (market) data analyses, we ask all the tough ‘why’ questions to help you shape your vision, map your unique context, and assess your change-readiness. 
Together, we identify your pain points and use them to define realistic targets that will make digital work for you.


Our assessment services

1. Market research, customer intelligence & data analysis

Let's get your organization in front of a metaphorical mirror. How does the world perceive your company, products or services? What do your customers expect? And, most importantly, how can you meet and exceed those expectations?

  • We gain in-depth understanding of your target audience based on research and in-depth data analyses.
  • We craft personas and journeys to gain a comprehensive understanding of needs and pain points throughout their lifecycle. 
  • We translate your digital ambitions into a valid business case

2. Process & maturity assessments

How efficiently does your organization run its marketing, sales and operational processes? Are those processes – and the people performing them – digitally mature and ready to adopt new tools and ways of working?

  • We map your employee efforts and satisfaction through surveys and skills assessments
  • We take note of any impactful process or context changes (e.g. internationalization)
  • We use heatmaps to understand and bridge the gap between your current execution and your customers’ expectations

3. KPI & target (re)definition

From the smallest tactical tweak to broad transformative changes: time to decide which improvements will support your digital journey. How can our technical solutions help you optimize your processes and better target your audience?

  • We (re)define relevant and tangible goals in line with your corporate strategy
  • We determine KPIs that measure your success on micro and macro levels

let's find out how we can make digital work for you

one of the first things delaware did was to map the customer journey by interviewing customers - thanks to this exercise, we were able to achieve a validated, thorough picture of the customer experience, which served as the input for our transformation project
Omer Gerson - director of Digital, Analytics and Innovation at Netafim

Assessment: case(s) in point

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