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delaware.ai announces partnership with DataStories to deliver impactful AI-driven solutions

delaware, global digitalization consultancy firm, is proud to announce a collaboration between its AI solutions division delaware.ai and DataStories International, data science and augmented analytics expert based in Turnhout, Belgium. With this partnership, both companies aim to drive the cutting-edge of AI-driven strategy forward by offering rapid, high-value machine learning and predictive analytics solutions to customers in a wide range of sectors.

“AI is becoming an ever more crucial element in the fabric of our world,” asserts Sven Arnauts, Manager of delaware.ai. “We are convinced that everybody should have the capability to harness data insights. Because there is currently a significant resource and expertise investment required to do so, democratizing machine learning and predictive analytics software is an important step toward realizing this ambition.”

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Unique automation platform makes AI-driven solutions more accessible

DataStories has developed a powerful computational engine and workflow that automatically applies self-adjusting machine-learning algorithms without user intervention. By joining forces with DataStories, delaware.ai will help its customers transform their data into interactive data “stories” that are ready to interpret, act upon, communicate and share without the need for data science competencies and IT resources.

“Within the partnership framework, we will leverage the DataStories platform and introduce its potent capabilities into our two ecosystems, Microsoft and SAP,” Sven continues.

Higher returns and faster data insights at lower costs

Katya Vladislavleva, CEO of DataStories International: “DataStories is disrupting the field of predictive modeling and augmented analytics on enterprise data. This partnership with delaware.ai will help customers reach the market faster and deliver higher value through the value-added services of delaware consultants. Faster implementation of digitalization and AI-driven strategies always means higher returns and greater competitiveness for all our clients.”