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SAP commits to filling 1.000 SAP-related jobs by 2021 together with delaware & other partners

Feb 12, 2019
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The Belgian job market has over 5.000 job offers for people with a training in SAP software. Because of the growing impact of technology, this number will increase even more in the upcoming years. To curb this labor shortage, SAP is launching the “1.000 SAP-jobs” campaign in which SAP is committing, together with its partners, to filling one thousand SAP-related jobs by the end of 2021.

Many companies are looking for ways to optimize their activities and more specifically, how they use their data. Often 2025 is set as a deadline for the implementation of a new platform or a new data model. Implementing new systems and platforms in a company requires expertise from SAP-consultants, who can support companies in their implementation journey. That’s why SAP is collaborating with organizations VDAB, Forem and Actiris and partners such as delaware to offer a SAP training to a broader audience. They are also cooperating with different universities and graduate schools to improve this offering in Belgium.

It’s clear that SAP-consultants are in high demand nowadays, so this training offers job security and an interesting job in an exciting environment. For more information about training opportunities, please visit Visit our career page to get an overview of all the job openings for SAP-consultants at delaware.

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