delaware supports sustainable growth at Poppies with a new, preconfigured ERP solution from SAP

Jul 15, 2021
  • press release

During the next four years, Poppies International nv and delaware will collaborate intensively to implement a new ERP system for the international food manufacturer. Based on the complete S/4HANA solution of SAP, delaware offers a preconfigured, SAP-qualified partner-packaged FAST-FOOD solution to streamline the ERP implementation and speed it up significantly. The eventual result will not only strengthen the operational efficiency of Poppies, but it will also enable the organization to grow sustainably for many years to come.

Supporting the fast, international growth of Poppies

In order to continue growing for the next generations, Poppies was looking to invest in a new, more efficient and future-proof ERP system. Patrick Reekmans, CEO at Poppies International nv: “Poppies is a fast-growing, successful international organization specializing in desserts, pastries and biscuits. Renewing the current ERP system is part of the digital transformation to perpetuate international growth and keep the organization future-fit. Project Apollo streamlines our business processes, sharpens our operational efficiency and controls the increasing complexity of our growth.”

After an intensive selection process, delaware was chosen to implement Poppies’ new ERP system by SAP. Tom Hespeel, ERP Project Manager at Poppies International nv: “delaware is our preferred partner for Project Apollo, as they can rely on extensive, international experience with SAP implementations in the food industry. Their pragmatic and industry-specific approach is a perfect fit for our organization, and their FAST-FOOD template,  a SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution for S/4HANA, will offer a clear model for our own implementation process.”

A smooth take-off for Project Apollo with the delaware FAST-FOOD template

In order to meet the overall business needs of Poppies’ Project Apollo, delaware proposed the SAP-qualified partner-packaged FAST-FOOD solution for S/4HANA. Philippe Vlietinck, Partner at delaware BeLux: “This preconfigured solution, with best practices for midsize companies in the food industry, is based on the S/4HANA solution of SAP, completed with delaware’s specific knowledge, experience and templates for this sector. Its rich functionalities correspond very well to the needs of Poppies, so only a limited set of additional developments are needed. Hence, the FAST-FOOD template speeds up the whole implementation process and cuts the overall cost and effort for Project Apollo.”

The goal of Project Apollo is to successfully implement Poppies’ new ERP in the coming four years. Ruben Castelein, IT Manager at Poppies International nv: “This project is part of a broader journey to transform Poppies into an organization that is equipped for a great future. In this journey, next to the implementation of the new ERP system, we will streamline our business processes, and create a new way of working within our organization. Our joint team effort will surely make this project into a sound success.”

A long-term partnership for sustainable growth

The partnership between Poppies and delaware will ensure continued sustainable growth for the food manufacturer through several major benefits. With their new ERP, Poppies will improve operational efficiency, optimize stock levels and enable better decision-making through better data management and reporting. They will also increase the ease-of-use of their ERP systems and boost their efficiency for users with a Fiori interface, integrated supply chain systems and better workflows. Finally, Poppies will be able to roll out their FAST-FOOD solution for S/4HANA easily to any future additional branches.

Philippe Vlietinck: “Strengthened by our proven (food) experience and reputation, delaware wants to guide Poppies as a long-term implementation partner during Project Apollo and the whole digital transformation envisioned by Poppies. delaware can further support Poppies in their sustainable growth story with, among other things, our international reach and dynamics, our 'glocal’ services offering for technical and functional support, and our extensive portfolio of services, digital experiences and innovative solutions. As always, we confirm delaware's commitment to a successful implementation and professional aftercare: 'we commit, we deliver'.

About Poppies

Poppies International nv is a fast-growing, international family-owned company that produces cakes, pastries and bakery products, which are produced on a large scale with artisan knowledge and quality ingredients. The wide range of frozen, ambient and fresh products is sold internationally to approximately 60 countries worldwide. By selecting the best quality ingredients and guaranteeing freshness, we manufacture excellent bakery products with added value for all the stakeholders of our company, including our employees and their families. Poppies was founded in 1976 by the Castelein and Popelier families, has a turnover of 300 mio EUR and employs about 1,200 people in 13 production sites.