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Databricks and delaware.ai join forces to unify data and AI

Jul 28, 2020
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Unified Data Analytics Platform vendor Databricks and our very own AI solutions division delaware.ai are teaming up to help companies take full advantage of the power of data and AI – from data engineering and streaming to collaborative data science. Databricks enables clients to gain insights and value from their data lakes in a reliable and scalable way and unify their data efforts.

Based in San Francisco, Databricks was founded by the original creators of Apache SparkTM. Its open  platform unifies data science, data engineering and business to accelerate innovation. With fast and efficient data pipelines Databricks enables clients to integrate new insights into their favorite dashboard and visualization tools to drive informed business decisions.  

From raw data to insights

“We are convinced that everybody should have the ability to boost their business with advanced data insights,” says Sven Arnauts, manager of delaware.ai. “However, taking full advantage of data and AI in a hyper-dynamic world is easier said than done, since data resides in so many different data sources and technologies. Databricks’ platform is the sweet spot where raw data can be transformed into real insights. What’s more, delaware.ai has already proven the worth of the Databricks platform at numerous national, international and governmental organizations and was deemed a leading data science and machine-learning platform by Gartner.” 

On the Azure cloud, Microsoft offers Azure Databricks as a first-party service. This means you get all the things you love about Azure, such as enterprise-grade security and SLAs, with seamless integration to existing Azure services and data sources, e.g. AAD authentication and its entire data landscape, using Azure Databricks’ fully managed, interactive workspace.

“By leveraging Databricks, we take away any major hurdles our customers have when they tackle modern data use cases,” says Maarten Herthoge, team lead data science and engineering at delaware.ai. “The Unified Analytics Platform helps us lower the barrier and accelerate innovation using data and AI. This results in lower time-to-market and faster and higher return on investment on delivered solutions. When delivering the unified approach at our customers, we notice a clear increase in their cross-team understanding of data use cases and data estate.”

On a joint mission

“We’re excited to have delaware on board as a partner,” Kim Nash, director of global strategic partnerships at Databricks, adds. “Their expertise and leading position in the domain of data and AI will help our clients solve their most challenging problems. We believe that this partnership will further boost the quality and expertise that Databricks clients expect from our best-in-class partner ecosystem.”

Learn more about the powerful data and AI solutions from delaware.ai and Databricks. 

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