A flourishing future for Floralux Group thanks to SAP and delaware

May 27, 2021
  • press release

Project Wisteria provides support for the digital transformation of Belgium’s largest garden center.

Garden and plant specialists Floralux Group have chosen to join forces with SAP and delaware as part of their ambitious plans for the future. Floralux hopes to further strengthen its position as Belgium’s largest garden center with the implementation of new, integrated systems, paving the way for further growth.

Thanks to the collaboration with SAP and delaware, the new, integrated systems will greatly simplify Floralux Group’s daily operations, in addition to collecting important data. All processes, from purchase orders to customer centric marketing campaigns, are to be digitized and further professionalized.

Far-reaching professionalization

“Floralux Group helps families to ‘come home’,” declares Kris Carrein, Floralux Group CEO. “With our wide range of home and garden products, we already reach millions of customers each year, both offline and online. Our ambition is to become even more accessible, particularly by increasing our number of garden centers. We strive to be a well-run organization with integrated business processes. We have developed a strategy from which, with the help of SAP and delaware, we hope to reap the benefits in the future.”

Floralux Group named the project Wisteria, after the lush climber that is slow to mature and begin flowering. Its roll out is to be spread over several months and will comprise several stages. The group will run SAP S/4HANA, a new-generation ERP solution, equipped with all the usual basic modules. As a result, all information and data relating to purchasing, logistics, sales and accounting processes will be linked together, thereby optimizing business operations.

Creating added value

“The partnership with Floralux is a good example of the diversity of companies with which SAP collaborates,” says Stijn De Beuckelaer, Managing Director SAP Belgium & Luxembourg. “Our software always provides added value. Floralux Group wants to move forward, putting our products at the center of its development strategy and digitization. We are proud that they have placed their trust in us and look forward to working with them.”

delaware is responsible for implementing these systems. “In choosing SAP, Floralux has set out an ambitious vision for the future”, according to delaware CEO Jan Delaere. “Clearly their intentions are more far-reaching than a simple optimization of the status quo. Like delaware, Floralux is a no-nonsense growth company with Flemish roots. We will help them achieve their goals, much like a ‘Sherpa’ assisting a climber to the top of Mount Everest.”

The power of SAP S/4HANA