100 new delaware employees support charity SuperKrachtig Lekker

Sep 11, 2019
  • press release

On September 2nd, more than 100 juniors started their first day at delaware. A mix of Belgian and international colleagues kicked off their careers with a bootcamp during which they got to know the company, each other and their new teams. Two of the topics on the agenda were the delaware values and our WeCare team, which supports multiple charities through internal actions. 

Each year, delaware juniors are invited to support multiple charities in collaboration with WeCare through activities such as pancake sales, carwashes, etc. This year, WeCare chose one specific charity: SuperKrachtig Lekker. As delaware is founding partner of this non-profit organization, it was only fitting for this charity to be the main focus of this year.

In early 2019, the charity was founded by Kim Milants under the motto “Superheroes deserve superpowers”. Kim’s daughter Jasmijn was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2017, when she was only three years old. Trying to support and care for her daughter as much as she could, Kim always tried to prepare homecooked meals, even when Jasmijn was in the hospital. The positive effects of her homecooked meals on Jasmijn’s therapy made Kim realize how important fresh and healthy food is, especially when children are fighting cancer. The non-profit organization focuses on bringing fresh food to patients and has set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise €50,000 to install a modern kitchen in the Children’s Hemato Oncology department at UZ Gent.

Supporting superheroes and their families

In addition to this ambitious goal, which has already been achieved, the charity also aims to support patients and the families in other ways. Six delaware projects have been defined on which the juniors will work for several months. Kim Milants: “We’re very happy that our partner delaware chose SuperKrachtig Lekker as this year’s charity. It was great to meet all these young people and see how enthusiastic they are about our projects.”

An example: staying active is essential for the body, but not so easy if you must stay in bed all day. The new #peopleofdelaware will create a video to encourage these children to keep moving that is tailored to their situations.

The charity doesn’t only support the superheroes, but also their whole families and especially their siblings. That’s why delaware will organize an excursion to the movies: siblings will be picked up from their homes and treated to a nice breakfast and a good movie. Depending on the age of the siblings, a buddy will accompany them to the cinema. Other initiatives include creating a card game about healthy food and organizing a system to easily arrange for a babysitter.

Ann De Sloover, chairwoman of WeCare, adds: “It’s the perfect way for the juniors to get to know our values and support an important cause at the same time.”

For more information about SuperKrachtig Lekker, please visit the website.