Why skipping marketing budget in times of crisis is a bad idea

Aug 10, 2020
  • sales, marketing and service

As the ways of doing business have altered during the Covid-19 epidemic, so too has the way in which we now interact with our customers and employees.

So what about marketing in this new age? How can it weather the storm while remaining effective?

“When one of our customers had to cancel a whole series of customer events, we discussed their options with them. One of the topics to be discussed and with which we were helping them solve, was Diversity and inclusion." says Maaike, senior consultant at delaware. “For a moment, we were wondering whether we should still emphasize this topic. But they quickly decided it was too important to abandon. So we translated their diversity and inclusion message to video instead.”

"We’re now planning a series of video messages throughout the quarter. There will be two types of video: 

  • Statement videos: a series of statements on important topics will be shown along with video image and pushing the company’s message forward. 
  • Interview videos: a series of videos shot by their own people at home, explaining the topic at hand and talking about their own personal experiences and what they learned from the outcome.

These videos show their customers, partners and employees that diversity and inclusion remains a top priority. Even in times of crisis!”

Focus on future strategies

With the current global market in a holding pattern, this is a good time to revisit your content marketing strategy and develop a more interactive approach capable of increasing your reach and encouraging a more malleable structure that can adapt at a moment’s notice.

Here are a few tips to help you keep on course during these troubled times and get the most out of your marketing budget, while developing a strategy to meet the needs of tomorrow:

  • Be sensitive – In a downturn, the need to keep selling is paramount, but this is best done by softening your message. Good content has the advantage of bypassing social isolation and helps form bonds that will eventually develop into consumer trust. This means making your message reassuring and more sensitive in times of trouble. It’s not just about your product anymore. It’s about all of us. Stay reassuring and optimistic. Fear only serves to alienate.
  • Get to know your customers – Content is only productive when it hits its target audience. Use the slowdown to analyze your data and get a better insight as to what pleases or displeases them, where and when they buy, and recognize new ways to form beneficial bonds along the way.
  • Choose your channels – Now is the perfect time to research the links between different platforms, which gives you a more transparent overview as to how you can elevate your content and develop a strategy with as little waste as possible, increasing your marketing ROI.
  • Commit to a more video-based approach, if possible – With any form of social interaction in great demand these days, video has taken its place in the spotlight. Video has the ability to greatly personalize your message as well as your company, which serves to create a closer bond with today’s human-alienated consumer and nurture a trust which will outlast the restrictions of the current pandemic.

Survive today, focus on tomorrow

While certainly no picnic, today’s troubles have created a kind of transparency into the mind of the customer and put you in the perfect position to gather insights into the future of marketing. We at delaware envision the current slowdown as an opportunity for marketers: 

  • To gain the upper hand by learning more about customers and the ways messages are most optimally spread
  • Increase their awareness of how best to expand the consumer journey
  • Discover never before seen ways to incorporate various platforms to enhance the customer experience

While this may be a time of difficulty for us all, when viewed from the right perspective it can also prove to be a time of learning how to improve customer relations and trust, as well as increase your message’s reach. 

delaware helps you navigate the maze of “the next normal” and create a sound strategy for your future marketing initiatives. Put our experience to work for you. Get in touch!