Isabel Connect: put a multibanking engine in your ERP

Aug 27, 2021
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More than 60,000 users rely on the Isabel 6 multibanking platform to streamline their financial transaction flows and to generate the correct financial summaries. To make it happen, Isabel 6 has combined accounts at 27 Belgian banks into a single, user-friendly interface. The Isabel 6 platform facilitates optimum financial management, enables internal users to work together effortlessly and to download bank statements (CODA or CAMT) from one central location.

Integration creates greater speed and efficiency

The delaware integration platform  creates efficient business flows by centralizing all flows in a central hub or platform. This enables the organization to manage the external systems or services without impacting the existing business flows. Furthermore routing and business logic is handled in the platform. The delaware integration platform is the glue between all business components in an organization.

The delaware integration platform is a set of templates, based on the best practices provided by our partner Microsoft, that acts as an IPaaS framework build and hosted on Azure Integration Services. This makes it the ideal integration foundation inside your organization. The framework can be expanded to meet the integration requirements either via custom code or templates provided by delaware that offers based on previous experiences to provide seamless integration/connectivity with various systems (D365, SAP, Isabel, …).

“For Isabel, the delaware integration platform offers seamless integration between Isabel Connect and various ERP systems (D365, SAP, …). This allowed our customers to simplify the financial tasks while meeting the financial data security requirements” explains Florian De Langhe, Senior consultant at delaware (Microsoft Integration).

“Our SAP customers who want to easily connect their SAP S/4HANA system to Isabel, can put their trust in our pre-packaged Isabel solution, based on the SAP Cloud Integration Suite. This enables them to automatically exchange the banking files, without any hassle, through an encrypted, secured and optimized way, all this while staying in standard SAP functionality” explains Nicolas Pauwelyn, Lead Expert at delaware (SAP Integration).

Banking transactions in an ERP package

Isabel Connect makes life easier for a company’s finance department. The API enables you to carry out payment instructions directly and automatically from an ERP or accounting package. This means you no longer have to leave your familiar software environment to gain access to banking details. Incoming bank statements are loaded automatically and processed in the ERP or accounting package, while payment files created from the ERP or accounting package are sent securely and automatically to Isabel 6. This enables Isabel 6 to accommodate established approval flows and mandate structures at all times.

Automatic, faster, more efficient

Johan Van Bever, Partner Account Manager at Isabel Group explains: “Isabel Connect is all about ease of use. The API bridges the gap between the back-office applications and Isabel 6. For example, users no longer have to upload payment instructions or payment files manually. This, of course, saves a great deal of time, as well as relieving staff of repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on matters with a higher added value. And because the actual approval of the payment lists still happens in Isabel 6, the person who is ultimately responsible always retains the necessary control.”

Visibility in terms of payments and cashflow

Isabel Connect improves efficiency when it comes to tracking invoices. “Users can see at a glance which invoices the customer has paid and where further action is required. Having a total overview of the cash position and intuitive financial reports all contribute towards well-informed decisions,” adds Mr Van Bever.

Security and integration

delaware and Isabel Group both see security as being paramount. Isabel Group guarantees the end-to-end security of all transaction data via its platform and the API, while seamlessly meeting delaware’s stringent data security requirements. But the synergy between both parties goes even further: “delaware and Isabel Group prioritize a smooth integration with maximum ease of use for the end-customer. To make that happen, delaware has developed an integration model between Isabel Connect on the one hand and Microsoft Dynamics 365 or SAP on the other. This allows delaware to quickly simplify the financial tasks of its customers with the help of Isabel Connect,” concludes Johan Van Bever from Isabel Group.

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