How customer and employee experience reinforce one another

May 20, 2019
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Leading companies have already figured out that putting employees first has a positive impact on customer value. In an increasingly integrated and intuitive digital workplace, this dynamic grows even stronger, as employees become more empowered to delight customers with extraordinary services. Here’s how that works.

All the tools and solutions that make up the digital workplace today rise from one single need: the desire to build a unified employee experience that yields more efficiency, effectiveness and higher quality. When done right, employee’s will not only be more productive, they will also be happier.

Happy employees make customers happy

This one goes without saying: happy employees are good for business: they are motivated, they stay longer – did someone say ‘war for talent’? – and most importantly, they will go out of their way to make your customers happy as well.

While this is true in any context, digitization is adding an extra layer to this equation, as it is the space where employee experience and customer experience meet and reinforce one another. This dynamic was also identified by Oscar Berg and Henrik Gustafsson in their book Digital Workplace Strategy and Design.

Connecting customer insights

As customer expectations increase through advanced customer experiences, they fuel the pace of innovation. How? Because new technologies and customer experiences provide the company with new insights into customer behavior and needs. These insights form the basis for new innovations.

However, for individual employees in the organization, these insights are of little value. To leverage their potential, employees need a collaborative environment that allows them to:

  • easily share these insights with colleagues across the organization;
  • integrate the data into the entire enterprise system.

In other words: the key to customer experience improvements is facilitating collaboration and creativity within your company. This makes the digital workplace a powerful tool to boost both the employee experience and, indirectly, the customer experience. The virtuous cycle is complete. 

The digital workplace is a win-win-win for your customers, your employees, and your organization.

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