Don’t go it alone: why an SAP to Azure migration partner is a good idea

Dec 15, 2018
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When migrating your SAP environment to Azure, lots of things have to be taken into account. And with many applications being critical to nearly every aspect of your business, ensuring a streamlined deployment is vital. Don’t try to be a hero: get help from the experts.

As S/4HANA is relatively new, only few people have the skills and expertise required to make migration to Azure a true success. On top of that, employing an in-house expert for every area covered by a migration will be difficult and expensive. Finding the right person to handle the management of the system post-migration will be even harder.

Partners in migration

All of the above make it worthwhile to invest time and effort in finding the right partner to guide you through your migration project. Not only can an experienced partner help to minimize business risk in all aspects of the project, they’re also in the ideal position to take an outside-in view, ask the right questions in terms of objectives and feasibility, and set out a comprehensive roadmap.

Skilled, secure and reliable

As a leader in our market, delaware has access to a pool of skilled people capable of assessing and building SAP environments that are fully optimised to make the most out of Azure. Our team will ensure that your networks, security, processes and procedures remain consistent in order to deliver a reliable experience to all your users, whether they are across the hall or on the other side of the world.

We’re sure you’ll have some questions. That is why our experts are on hand to advise you about the migration process and how delaware can help you unlock the true potential of your SAP environments and future-proof your business. Feel free to contact us. A local delaware expert will reach out to you to help you in any way possible with your SAP migration plans.

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