Cloud Watch Service: keeping pace with the potential of cloud service breakthroughs

May 16, 2018
  • Microsoft

In the age of digital disruption, the cloud service landscape is evolving at a breakneck pace. As more and more organizations recognize the benefits to be found in committing to digital transformation, it comes as no surprise that hybrid cloud adoption continues to rise as both cloud users and their providers mature.

Struggling to keep ahead of the cloud-service curve

Gartner predicts that Worldwide Public Cloud Revenue will grow 21.4 percent in 2018, as a result of the fact that companies are now spending more on cloud services than they are on cloud infrastructure and software combined. 

But for forward-thinking organizations looking to capitalize on this trend, staying on top of improvements to today’s cloud technologies means maintaining a continued commitment to learning. Too often, organizations lack the time and resources to keep up with Microsoft’s ever-increasing platform of services whose benefits spring from cloud-based foundations. With multiple new capabilities being released each year, even the most cloud-savvy customers struggle to keep ahead of the cloud-service curve. What’s worse, many of today’s decision makers spend too much of their focus on the technology itself, rather than investigating the proven impact a solidly implemented cloud service strategy can offer their organization.

Navigating the possibilities to be found in the cloud

With this in mind, delaware has designed an up-to-the-minute Cloud Watch Service that helps our customers realize the full potential of their Microsoft cloud platform by customizing its features and tools to strengthen their business reach. Our unique approach allows them to explore firsthand how best to combine the building blocks to be found in Office 365 and Azure to design organization-specific solutions that are not only capable of increasing workforce productivity, but providing a host of hidden benefits for increasing business value throughout their entire company.

Through Cloud Watch Service, organizations learn how to leverage the cloud to differentiate themselves from competitors through swift and personalized adoption of the most recent cloud software innovations. It creates a blueprint for illustrating how the effective cloud solutions found in Office 365 and Azure can enhance their market reach, offering, services, quality control and efficiency. What’s more, it shows their impact on a company’s infrastructure, soft and hardware, workforce and assets, giving them both back-end and business insights on what the cloud has to offer.

Mapping technology to your business case

The delaware Cloud Watch Service simplifies Microsoft’s array of newly emerging cloud solutions and helps our customers:

  • UNDERSTAND how cloud services can be combined to create new ways of working
  • ASSESS their current landscape to identify which solutions offer the greatest impact for their specific digital workplace
  • TRANSLATE these solutions into tangible results by providing hands-on experience with selected features through the use of proof of concept cases
  • IMPLEMENT customized solutions designed for their specific organizational models to increase their business potential, extend their enterprise productivity and maximize ROI

Community oriented, cloud focused

At delaware, we believe that knowledge shared is knowledge increased. For this reason, our Cloud Watch Service emphasizes a community-oriented approach designed to get customers talking about the possibilities of the cloud in innovative new ways.
Combining a mix of workshops given by our experienced professionals to groups of like-minded companies relying on the same trusted Microsoft Cloud platform, followed by an individual deep dive session into all things cloud related, we offer an open environment to share your questions and ideas with the rest of the Cloud Watch Team. By speaking with companies at different stages of the transformation process, the big picture emerges and peers are able to discuss concepts and learn from each other’s experiences, while benefitting from the insight of our own cloud experts.

Sessions vary according to customer interest, and are organized around such diverse cloud-based topics as:

  • Getting to Know Microsoft Flow: discovering its potential for creating automated workflows and comparing its power to similar industry tools
  • Governance: delving into the world of security, labeling and Azure protection information
  • Bots and AI: understanding their role in the digital workplace
  • External access: exploring user management in Office 365
  • Gamestorming your way to the cloud: defining which topics bring the most value to your business

Whether your organization has already committed to an effective cloud platform or has only recently recognized the cloud’s potential for creating new and more flexible business models, increasing workforce collaboration, and combining such emerging technologies as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and Internet of Things solutions to devise new ways of working, our Cloud Watch Service can increase your focus, keep you up-to-date and help you stand out from the pack.

As cloud capabilities continue to rapidly improve and multiply, forward-thinking businesses recognize the need to depend on trusted experts in Office 365 and Azure Cloud solutions to keep them ahead of the curve. Come discover how newly emerged cloud services can serve as a platform to unify technologies and promote new ways of working for your organization. The true potential of today’s cloud is limitless.
Interested in exploring the latest possibilities cloud services have to offer your company?