A new content marketing strategy – This is how we tell your story

Nov 26, 2020
  • sales, marketing and service

As an organization you need to tell your story. It’s what sets you apart, whether you want to showcase your expertise on a specific topic or you want to share insights with your network. Content marketing is the strategy behind your story. 

From lead generation to thought leadership

Our recently developed new content marketing approach provides you with the right building blocks to get started with your own content marketing strategy or revamp your current one. The building blocks are designed to meet any customer need and amplify the content so as to give you the most bang for your buck. 

From strategy to operations, from lead generation to thought leadership, with our content marketing canvas, a single project can easily grow into a full-fledged content marketing game plan. Dirk, our senior consultant, explains:

A holistic approach of your content marketing

Content marketing is a long-term commitment with your customer and that works best with a holistic approach, one that ticks all the boxes. 

The advantages we’ve experienced are multiple when you start off with a complete view of how you want to tell your story:

  • Your content is placed in the right context and at the right time;
  • You get to work with your content on your terms;
  • You can already start by amplifying a single piece of content.

From top to bottom

  1. In a strategy workshop we take a look at what your target audience is and define actionable buyer personas.
  2. Analyzing your keywords, link building strategy, B2B SEO, defining KPIs: these building blocks turn our workshop into an actionable content marketing plan. In other words: “What content will we send to whom and when?”
  3. Next, it’s all about creating the content assets. 
  4. Finally, these assets need to be published and the results be monitored. That’s the basis for further optimization.

Step by step

We‘re transparent in every step of the way, that’s simply an integral part of our customer-centric DNA. We communicate about what we’re doing, when and why. So you always know what’s up next. We like to create long-term relationships with our customers that prepare them for tomorrow and show them the stepping stones to future success.

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Are you ready to see what our unique content marketing approach can do for you? If you want to create a finely-tuned message that reaches your target audience and build a step-by-step roadmap to the future of your content marketing strategy, contact us today! No matter your needs, we can help you build your content marketing foundations.