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We bring together the right tools and solutions to enable the successful digital transformation of high tech organisations. Build customer and supplier relations, drive revenue streams and scale new business model.

The high tech industry leads the way into an era of transformation; with innovations that drive across every industry from mining to hospitality. Seismic changes in innovation today will continue strong into 2025.

The evolving playing fields for the industry

As newer and more agile competition joins the industry, existing high tech companies must rely on the innovations to adapt their supply chains to be more responsive, and build businesses that can quickly adapt.

The buying habits of technology buyers have evolved where more significant independent decisions are made before contacting a salesperson. Customers are demanding higher value as the software industry shift to a subscription-based model.

The tech industry has seen a significant shift from hardware a software. Today, tech companies must redefine their products to better support new business models and deliver excellent customer outcomes.

Where delaware can provide value

delaware can guide high tech organisations as they continue to empowered consumers, businesses, and governments with new, digital capabilities leveraging cloud, mobile, and social.

At the core of every business, an ERP system works to keep track of all the moving parts of manufacturing and distribution within the supply chain. It can allow your business to expand without the addition of IT or staffing costs. Our Fast Engineer™ ERP template designed for manufacturing can help create a digitally connected enterprise that uses real-time data to turn insights into actions across the business.

Maintaining a good customer experience (CX) will build loyalty, grow and retain your customer base. To thrive in the future, successful high tech companies will have to build their businesses around their customers—with the ability to respond and adapt to changing needs continuously.

RPA delivers direct profitability while improving accuracy across organisations and industries. Using RPA to handle operational processes will transform and streamline your organisation's workflow and allow for greater flexibility and scalability.  

In the playing field, where time is essential, RAD can save organisations the time for a lengthy planning and design phase. These applications can be either internal or external use cases, allowing you to add value to the overall process in the shortest time possible.

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