In the great era of pharmaceutical innovation, we are determined to forge ahead, seek and explore endlessly.

We are embedding digitalization into pharmaceutical innovation, looking forward to helping great medical people complete this unprecedented challenge and revolution, so as to realize the industry vision of making medicines available to every patient and diseases can be treated well.


The empowerment of digitalization in the life science industry

What problems can digitalization help pharmaceutical enterprises solve?

Combined with the current situation of enterprise, via the systematic implementation of the key aspects which restrict efficiency, or via IT system build or upgrade in a planned way, to achieve automatic and intelligent transformation partially or integrally, and improve the efficiency of enterprise management and operation, so as to reduce the comprehensive cost in the long run.

Pharmaceutical innovative enterprises can develop product innovation according to actual equipment, medicine use and accident report. To plan and execute clinical trials better through data-driven insight and to realize the transportation transformation of cold chain biological products through real time alarm and continuous monitoring.

With more and more strict legal system construction and supervision in the pharmaceutical field at home and abroad, the compliance cost of enterprises is also increasing. Digital methods to achieve technical compliance management and control can improve the controllability, visibility and traceability of enterprise compliance management.

Data is essential for gaining insight to make decisions. This insight has to be fine-grained, therefore, decision makers need to master detailed information to understand trends, opportunities and risks, and to use prediction algorithms to quickly conduct hypothesis analysis.


Services and support covering the whole life cycle of life science industry

Via the overall solution of the life science industry, delaware helps and guides the life science enterprises adapt to current situation and future development, so as to realize the sustainable development of the industry.

Based on the enterprise's own development strategy, provide IT overall planning and implementation route consulting services to enterprises.

Provide SAP product selection support based on business development stage and demand;
Provide industry best business practice process and accounting framework;
Provide predefined industry specific label / report system and reserved interface;
Provide pre-configured demo system and solution for pharmaceutical industry.

Provide System/Product+CSV synchronous implementation service;
Provide mainstream GxP system verification service;
Provide GxP system supplier evaluation service;
Provide legacy system verification consulting service;
Provide XaaS system compliance consulting service.

Provide omni channel knowledge marketing integration proposal;
Provide doctor and visitor management, customer relationship management;
Provide customer journey management.

Provide complete quality system documentation lifecycle management;
Integration of support and training system.

E-order system and system integration proposal;
Golden tax system integration proposal;
Wireless warehouse and PDA proposal for pharmaceutical enterprises;
Data mining and business insight service;
All year round IT system monitoring and AMS services.

Kristof Troch
Business Development Lifescience Industry
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”Through the integration of technology and application scenarios, sharing of the latest technological achievements, new values will be created for the pharmaceutical industry.”