Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is the new gold

Knowledge is one of the most valuable resources to a business. To thrive in today's competitive world, it is as important to share knowledge while ensuring that certain knowledge are kept to only relevant personnel. Adopting the best practices of knowledge management would allow an organization to build a smarter workforce and improve the overall efficiency.

Types of knowledge

Tatic knowledge

Typically gathered through experience and is intuitively understood. Such information is often challenging to articulate and codify, making it difficult to transfer. They can include facial recognition, language or soft skills.

Implicit knowledge

These are information gained through incidental activities where most are often unaware that learning is occurring. They have yet to be documented and tends to exist within processes, and it can be referred to as the “know-how”.

Explicit knowledge

Often captured within various document types such as manuals, reports, and guides, allowing organisations to easily share knowledge across teams. Such knowledge is crucial for retaining intellectual capital within an organisation and transferring it to new joiners.

Knowledge management cycle

How will knowledge within the organization be created or discovered?

How and where will new and existing knowledge be kept?

How can knowledge be shared with the relevant personnel within the organization?

How will time sensitive knowledge be disposed or archived?

Smarter workforce

  • Equip your personnel with relevant and timely knowledge across individual silos
  • Ease of knowledge transfer across borders and during handover

Higher Efficiency

  • Store content and knowledge in predefined taxonomy for ease of retrieval 
  • Reduce effort required to do the same or similar tasks again

Enhanced Security

  • Restrict access to sensitive documents to certain personnel
  • Trace and record document access history
we commit
to guide customers in adopting the best practices of knowledge management through our many years of experiences 

Why work with delaware?

  • Our approach is modular, tiered and tailored exactly to your needs
  • We work closely with your team to ensure the most impactful results
  • Our technology-agnostic mindset gives you a wide-angle view of your options
  • We collaborate closely with your team
  • Our expertise in corporate processes and enterprise information management covers a wide range of industries

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Knowledge Management Expert

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