End user productivity

End user productivity

Maximising the value of human capital

You expect a new software tool to deliver value upon implementation. However, the technological performance of the software alone is no guarantee for success. Users must also accept the solution and make optimal use of it along its entire life cycle. Only when these conditions are met will the real value of your investments be unlocked. Only then will the tool and the human capital reinforce each other.

By creating the right mindset and facilitating the process of training and knowledge building, you speed up acceptance and increase both end user productivity and return on investmentOur team of experienced consultants combines deep functional SAP knowledge with solid experience in a broad range of industries to guide your organisation – both nationally and internationally – throughout the entire transformation journey.

educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all
— Aristotle

Proven methodology for increased productivity

Our offering brings together the benefits of a proven methodology and approach, powered by delaware's Roles & Responsibilities Matrix and SAP’s Enable Now. Includes different modules for creating and sharing training and support materials, certifications, self-learning materials, and more. 

Our methodology revolves all relevant business processes, related activities and the identified professional roles linked to those processes, that are then translated into roles in SAP. 

This matrix is used throughout the entire change project across multiple tasks and deliverables.

The seasoned delaware team will guide and support you in this end-to-end process, translating your system flows into understandable business flows for your end-user community.

End-to-end process coverage

  • Sustainability
    Use the system as long as possible, Communication, Learning & improvements
  • Security
    Securely manage access to information, define user groups based on the different professions and processes.
  • Proficiency
    Use the system in a proficient way. Ensure the greatest ROI when all stakeholders of your organisation use the system to its full potential.
  • Utilisation
    Ensures that the right people can access the right, your company specific, information, any time, any place, anywhere
  • Adoption
    Training and communication, adapted to the correct level, play a crucial role in the adoption process.

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