delaware strengthens its cloud offering, by becoming an AWS Select Tier Services Partner

Jun 11, 2024
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delaware is proud to announce that the company is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The move underlines delaware’s commitment to meeting growing customer demand for cloud and best-of-breed solutions. As such, delaware customers have the choice of multiple cloud services providers, including Microsoft and now also AWS, to ensure a balanced and multi-faceted approach to each project.

Committed to cloud and customer centricity 

Through this relationship, delaware affirms its position as a versatile and forward-thinking organization, ready to guide its customers through the complexities of modern digital landscapes. “In digital transformation, we always start from a customer-first principle,” says Pieter Hebben, partner at delaware. “By partnering with AWS, we will be able to offer our customers the cross-technology solutions they are looking for. Companies that modernize existing business applications can now pick the cloud solution that best fits their unique needs.” 

Advantages for delaware customers 

While delaware and AWS have worked together on projects successfully before, becoming an AWS  Partner is a crucial step forward for the company and its ability to provide comprehensive, cross-technology solutions. delaware’s customers will enjoy the fruits of streamlined communication between delaware and AWS, leading to quicker implementations and enhanced support. Moreover, delaware’s experts will enjoy increased access to AWS’s extensive training and certification programs. 

Recently, AWS and delaware have taken on three new projects, with customers in Belgium, France and UK. Aluminum Dunkerque, Remedica and Greenyard Frozen Foods are all taking their first steps with AWS. 

Expanding expertise 

In becoming an AWS Partner, delaware is extending its AWS expertise worldwide. In this way, the company is building a team that possesses advanced technical knowledge and excels in the implementation of AWS cloud services. “We’re not just responding to the needs of the market,” Pieter Hebben adds, “We’re actively shaping the future of cloud consultancy services by ensuring that our customers have access to top-tier talent and the latest cloud innovations.” 

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