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Electronic invoices: they’re a hot topic for organizations of all sizes around the world. In Belgium, for example, sending B2B e-invoices will become mandatory in January 2026. And the ViDA proposal (VAT in the Digital Age) aims to enforce e-invoicing for all cross-border B2B transactions in the EU in 2028. While invoicing formats may differ per country, the goal is the same: control business transactions to further digitalize the economy, increase efficiency, and prevent tax evasion.

Amid this e-invoicing frenzy, SAP users don’t need to worry. SAP DRC (Document and Reporting Compliance) is a centralized, standardized solution for e-documentation management – both incoming and outgoing documents – from creation to submission and retrieval. That includes both real-time reporting (the focus of this page: invoices, purchase orders, etc.) and periodic reporting (e.g., monthly VAT returns).

Thanks to its global coverage, the platform takes care of the e-invoicing complexities for every country you serve, regardless of its formatting requirements. Whichever e-document you need to communicate to the authorities or other relevant parties, you will do so in complete compliance.

a single source of truth for all your e-invoicing management?

SAP DRC: three key pillars

E-invoicing: a wealth of benefits

  • Compliance: Meet your legal requirements for e-invoicing – fines will impact both your finances and your employer branding.
  • Good for your budget: Say goodbye to all printing and postage costs of your traditional invoices. And since e-invoices can’t get lost on a messy desk or in a trash can, you don’t need to send costly follow-up invoices or reminders by mail.
  • Increased efficiency: Automated invoicing diminishes the risk of errors and the time spent on administrative tasks, which streamlines your internal workflows.
  • Good for the planet: Switching to e-invoices promotes your sustainability, as it (considerably) reduces your paper consumption.

SAP DRC and Peppol

Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an international standard for e-invoicing, initiated by the European Commission. With the Peppol specifications, (government) organizations can send electronic documents abroad in a standardized format.

SAP DRC is a certified Peppol Access Point, but also boasts global coverage of your e-documentation management. As a result, it will support a variety of other service providers as well.

SAP DRC with delaware

delaware has everything you need to turn your SAP DRC experience into a success story. Thanks to our global presence and extensive experience, we’re ideally positioned to help you manage your worldwide transactions. As SAP Platinum Partner, we know all the ins and outs of the SAP ecosystem – and how it will suit your organization. In fact, delaware is one of SAP’s recommended implementation partners for SAP DRC.

Together, we’ll determine the scope of your SAP DRC implementation, based on your legal requirements, business-specific needs, and preferred service providers (e.g., Peppol). And then? Time to get ready for a fruitful, long-term partnership, during which we’ll offer proactive support and our best-in-class SAP expertise. We’ll install, configure, and customize your SAP solution, and provide training opportunities and change management advice afterwards. That way, you’ll consistently maximize SAP DRC’s value – now and in the future.

First things first: how do you get started?

  1. Check your legal requirements: In which countries is your organization active? Those will heavily influence your requirements for e-invoicing and statutory reporting.
  2. Choose your certified service providers: While SAP DRC is a Peppol certified service provider, you can also select other (local) service providers, if they better suit your needs.
  3. Decide on the scope: Would you like to cover your outgoing workflows only? Or do you need support for your incoming e-documentation as well? And which automation solution would you prefer to process those?

Isabel De Bruyn

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