delaware signs software development cooperation agreement with SAP to enhance features and functions of SAP Digital Manufacturing Solution in the Manufacturing & Mill products industries

Jul 04, 2024
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delaware is proud to announce the signing of a software development cooperation agreement with SAP SE (NYSE: SAP). This milestone in the partnership aims to help enhance the features and functionality of the SAP Digital Manufacturing solution, specifically tailored for the Manufacturing and Mill products Industries, with a focus on roll-based goods and sheet materials in paper & packaging, cable manufacturing forest products, plastics, metals, and textiles.

Driving innovation in the Manufacturing and Mill products industries 

The cooperation between SAP Platinum partner delaware and SAP will leverage both companies' extensive expertise in the manufacturing and mill products industries. By integrating delaware's deep industry knowledge with SAP's cutting-edge technology, this co-development initiative will help to deliver enhanced solutions to address the unique challenges faced by mill products industries and manufacturing enterprises. 

Delaware’s DM4Mill offering is designed to enhance the SAP Digital Manufacturing core business functions and intuitive dashboards with features tailored to the Mill products industry, addressing key requirements including: 

  • End-to-end traceability and genealogy for batch & handling units in single or combined manufacturing processes, with APP functionality for recording goods issue and receipt for each process. 
  • In-process and goods receipt quality result recording, integrating SAP S/4HANA Quality Management for quantitative, qualitative, and multiple values. 
  • Capturing and inheriting material defect locations and types throughout manufacturing processes. 
  • Supporting business continuity and essential manufacturing processes (GI, GR material movements, time, and quality result recording, label printing) during network outages or ERP downtimes. 
  • Recording downtimes, peel-off, setup, and run-scrap in various units of measure with multi-level reason codes for OEE requirements. 
  • Supporting GMP compliance by enforcing documentation and quality inspection, providing full traceability of materials, and logging shop floor personnel. 
  • Integrating PLC and production line-specific automation workflows. 
  • Offering enhanced data analytics for advanced traceability and deeper production performance insights. 
  • Integrating sustainability tools to help achieve manufacturing sustainability goals.

A significant milestone 

"This agreement marks a significant milestone in our long-standing relationship with SAP," said Eric Hiernaux, Managing Director of delaware International. "We are excited to co-develop solutions that will empower mills and manufacturing companies to optimize their operations and drive innovation." 

“Partnering with delaware allows us to bundle our strengths and deliver a superior digital manufacturing solution with a deeper industry fit”, said Stefan Weisenberger, Global VP & Head of SAP’s Industry Business Unit for Process Industries & Natural Resources. “This cooperation underscores our commitment to providing our customers with the best tools to thrive in an ever-evolving industry landscape and providing the platform for ongoing competitiveness.” 

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