delaware announces partnership with TransferMate

Oct 12, 2022
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Through the partnership, delaware will link our customers to the most advanced international payment network while integrating into the solution to their SAP platform.

delaware and TransferMate have announced a strategic partnership that will deliver additional value for SAP customers who need to make cross-border payments.

TransferMate is the world’s leading B2B global payments infrastructure-as-a-service. They simplify, digitalise and automate the manual tasks involved in cross-border payments, enhancing the global payments experience for business customers.

‘We’re always looking for ways to add transformational value to our customers,’ said Eric Hiernaux, Managing Director at delaware International. ‘Aligning the immense capabilities of the SAP platform with our customer’s business objectives is a central theme in delaware’s offering. TransferMate’s integrated solution with SAP will allow our customers to pay and receive payments quicker while reducing costs, improving transparency, and ensuring optimal cash management and bank optimisation across global entities and currencies.’

Integrating TransferMate with SAP’s payment processes provides a better way to pay invoices through an end-to-end global B2B payments network that enables cost-effective, faster, and fully transparent cross-border payments.

Customers will no longer be disadvantaged by non-transparent correspondent banking systems, including unexpected wire and intermediary banking fees and uncertain transfer timelines.

‘Partnering with delaware is a huge leap forward for the entire SAP ecosystem,’ said Sinead Fitzmaurice, CEO of TransferMate. ‘They have exceptional knowledge of how their clients are leveraging SAP and will now be able to provide a complete end-to-end solution. Their customers will not need to leave their SAP platform to complete their payments. We’ll immediately increase the value of their investment in SAP while simultaneously reducing costs and improving working capital management.’

For more on how delaware helps customers implement and add value to the SAP platform, go here. For more on how TransferMate connects with SAP, go here.

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