Why Smart C-Suite Professionals are Riding on the Cloud

Apr 28, 2022
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Smart C-suite professionals are benefiting from the cloud because it is faster, cheaper, and simply much better. Learn how these solutions can help you, too.

Cloud computing has transformed the way companies operate and do business. It is smart, cost-effective and saves time, and its benefits have not gone unnoticed. A report by McKinsey & Company revealed that going on the cloud is one of the priorities identified by organisation leaders around the globe.

For busy c-suite professionals, the implementation of cloud-based solutions have played an important role in streamlining processes and increasing productivity. But what’s the big deal about riding on the cloud?

Features of Cloud Computing

C-suite professionals are often bogged down by operational inefficiencies and a shortage of technical expertise. Cloud computing delivers on-demand commuting services via the Internet, meaning that you can store and access data without the need for a physical on-premise server.

For example, cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are hosted offsite and managed by a third-party service provider like delaware. With this, organisations can focus on running their business rather than time-consuming IT operations. 

Cloud computing come with the following features:

1. Scalable and modular

Cloud computing can significantly reduce the need for maintenance and support. Instead of having to purchase and maintain an in-house infrastructure, you can take advantage of on-demand services and pay only for what you need. Apart from operational processes, you can even use cloud-based resources such as SAP Analytics Cloud to streamline other aspects of your business. This robust and intuitive tool delivers useful analytics and insights to help you make informed decisions, and you can easily integrate it with up to 200 SAP or non-SAP data sources via the cloud.

2. Saves time and money

Cloud technology can be used to simplify the development lifecycle of many applications. You can choose a service which helps you save time by backing up your data on schedule or storing them in a secure location. You also do not have to repair and patch bugs, or expand time and energy on mundane IT tasks.

Instead, more focus can be placed on important areas such as research and development, training people, sales and marketing or business planning. With most cloud-based applications based on subscription pricing, you can also start small and scale from there – unlike traditional IT equipment which often requires a hefty capital investment.

3. Secure and reliable

In today’s increasingly connected world, massive volumes of data are being transacted every microsecond. For businesses, especially smaller ones, a data breach can be extremely detrimental. To mitigate cyber security risks and threats, it is important to shore up your cyber defense to safeguard your data.

Through a synthesis of smart applications and cutting-edge technology, we are able to help our clients minimise their exposure and increase their cyber resilience without compromising the bottom line.

delaware: The Partner C-suite Professionals trust

Across industries, companies scramble to react to the problems set forth by the global pandemic. This experience has morphed how businesses operate – in a cost-saving and flexible model, always ready for setbacks and challenges.

Cloud computing can be an extremely beneficial tool for your business when used effectively. What our cloud-based solutions can bring to the table is truly revolutionary, even if you decide to take on a hybrid approach which involves linking your current technology to the cloud. For c-suite professionals, your workflow can become more productive and meaningful. 

From making your data work for you to opening up new opportunities with modern technology, our platform is here to transform your business. At delaware, we go one step further to provide comprehensive training and support for our clients along the way. Through our continuous innovation and growth, we deliver enterprise expertise to help you reach your business-centric goals.

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