The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Tomorrow's Workplaces

May 12, 2022
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Will robots take over the world and how is artificial intelligence transforming business processes in our workplaces? Read on.

Over the years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated into almost every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional. And unlike the movies, it is highly unlikely that AI will take over our world – instead, they have become the go-to technology when it comes to automation, with machines replacing up to 40% of our work within 25 years. In the workplace, we are also increasingly seeing AI-enabled tools at play.

Given how fast technology has been advancing, it can be beneficial for companies to understand the role this artificial form of intelligence plays out in business processes and how best to integrate them, to avoid being left behind as other workplaces innovate.

Human Resource (HR)

It has become common for companies to leverage the prowess of AI to find suitable candidates for open positions. Even before they set foot into the office for an interview, AI-driven recruitment tools can help to screen them to make sure the qualified ones go through. This eradicates the risk of human biases and makes the entire process fair for all. 

Many big companies and even global recruiters have started to integrate such tools to make it easier to find the right personnel, as they tend to attract hundreds and even thousands of applicants. Doing so also cuts down the time taken to manually go all the resumes and applications, saving time and money which can be better invested in other areas.

Even during onboarding, AI-enabled chatbots have transformed the way newcomers settle into their role. While it cuts down the middle person who is often the Human Resource (HR) person, these chatbots also do not lose out in terms of delivering useful information in plan, human language.

Resource development

Learning does not stop once an employee is onboarded. Instead, skills are often transferred from one employee to another. This transference of knowledge and experience can also be done via an Augmented Reality (AR) configuration tool and Virtual Reality (VR) platform, along AI implementations. 

The use of such technology is truly a revolutionary one. Companies can provide guidance to field technicians, train employees and track their progress virtually, conduct simulations, or even immerse customers, suppliers and partners in the entire ecosystem. 

Business Functions

From finance to even sales and marketing, AI delivers a scalable and reliable solution to make things more efficient. AI tools such as Robotic Press Automation (RPA) software are commonly used in finance and accounting to speed up the completion rate of tasks such as Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP). The processes are also based on rules and parameters, so finance controllers will have full control over the entire workflow.

These solutions also ensure fewer mistakes and better compliance. Operational teams will eventually spend less time on routine operations, to focus more on strategising and on value-added tasks.

Augmented Workforce

One of the most common misconceptions about working with AI is that they will eventually remove the need for human involvement. However, when it comes to AI integration, augmenting is key. By this, it means that workforces can implement AI-driven solutions to complement their workflows and processes. This leaves the people free to do what humans do best – tasks which involve creativity and human-to-human interaction.

There are tools which cut administrative and operational time; there are also solutions to protect a company’s business interests through robust security. You will also find all-round tools such as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which offers all the right tools for a growing company. Given the versatility of AI and the changing needs of workplaces of tomorrow, it is only smart to take advantage of the benefits they offer.

In the dynamic and ever-changing world, you will likely notice that companies which are infallible are often limber and flexible. Partner with a reliable and experienced service provider like delaware to streamline your business processes and enable you to scale as you need.

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