Infrastructure Project Manager


You’re a born communicator. A people person. Assertive by nature but always willing to listen to what your expert colleagues have to say. Your keen overview on your projects enables other (development) teams and your customers to understand where the project is and what will be ready when. 
While you have a good deal of technical or infrastructural understanding (without necessarily being an expert), what you bring most of all to the table is a healthy combination of commitment, attitude and drive. 
If that sounds more or less like you, then we should talk!

Who are we?

As an Infrastructure Project Manager, you’ll be pulling together the best of two worlds: 
·    we set up and maintain cloud platforms for our customers while staying abreast of the latest cloud innovations
·    we designs, builds, implements and supports business-critical infrastructures. 
Together, we have a cloud first mindset with Azure as our main platform. We are known to be the trusted partner for other teams within delaware that develop applications on top of Azure or SAP BTP. 
As most of the projects for this role will be realized in Luxembourg, it will be important to be at the Luxembourg office weekly to be together with your co-workers.

What will you be doing?
·    As a project manager, you keep an overview on your projects and make sure they get delivered on time and within budget (as best you can, that is).
·    You bring together the IT infrastructure experts from different teams.
·    While your expert colleagues may be thinking more like islands (ranging from infrastructure, networking over security to governance), you’re the type of bridge builder who turns them into peninsulas, even if that sometimes requires you to micro-manage parts of the bigger whole. 
·    On a daily basis, you manage plans, risks and budgets, hold standup meetings, report to customers, facilitate the work of colleagues and more. Often, you’ll already step aboard during the presales phase to co-define the project scope.
·    You bring a ’evolve and resolve‘ mindset to the job: you resolve conflicts and issues while making sure your projects continue to evolve. 
·    Within your project teams (ranging from 5 to 10 colleagues), you’re seen as a leader, not as a boss. After all, projects are a team sport, not an individual discipline.
·    You’re also cool with taking on the end responsibility of your projects. 

more info about this job?

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Laura Torres - Recruiter

Is there a match?

Let’s see if you’re the Infrastructure Project Manager we’re looking for:
·    You have 2 or more years’ with project manager experience in managing mid- to large size IT and / or infrastructure projects.
·    You have a good (be it high level) understanding of the technical aspects of infrastructure projects (the nitty gritty details are covered by your expert colleagues). 
·    Your daily reality will center around Azure and Microsoft 365.  Ideally, you bring a good deal of know-how of (some of) this to the job. 
·    You enjoy managing a project budget, setting (and meeting) milestones, identifying and mitigating risks, keeping track of where a project is and making sure it does not derail.
·    You prefer a hands-on and agile approach rather than managing your projects in a spreadsheet.
·    Your assertiveness within the team pushes your projects forward. Your assertiveness towards your customers means you’ll contradict them when needed. 
·    For that, you rely on your strong communication skills. You fluently speak English and French.
·    You dig our company values: we take care of our employees and customers, we are committed, enterprising and respectful, and we do everything based on a sense of positive team spirit.

Let's meet up!

Come have a chat with us and tell us all about your skills, talents and previous experience. Are you keen to help us grow in Luxembourg? Make sure to connect with us if you have any questions whatsoever. Click the Apply now button below and hopefully we’ll get to meet each other real soon! 

delaware firmly commits to creating an inclusive work environment that empowers all. A diverse workforce is the best guarantee of success for our employees, our customers and our partners. 


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