delaware Luxembourg: how differences make the difference

Apr 04, 2024

From local to global. With strong Belgium roots, delaware is a growing international company. The people of delaware offer their customers – often organizations looking for a sustainable competitive advantage -  cutting-edge technological solutions and services. Perhaps its strong track record for placing digitalization as a long-term strategy is the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of delaware, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. 

“If we want to come up with cutting-edge solutions and keep on transforming our customers’ businesses, we can only do that through the people of delaware. They make the difference, every day. And we have realized that diversity and inclusion are two important game-changers that allow our company culture to grow even stronger. They result in greater innovation, help generate better financial results and retain as well as gain more talent”, explains Olivier Spahn, partner at delaware and responsible for running the Luxembourg office.

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On top of that, delaware truly believes in the “Best Possible You” principle. The organization wants to offer the people of delaware a workplace where they can flourish and grow – and help them become the best version of themselves. 

That’s why we are convinced that the combination of our different backgrounds is what makes us better – and stronger
Olivier Spahn, partner at delaware

Putting the theory into practice in Luxembourg

Does that sound too good to be true? It isn’t – and the Luxembourg office offers perfect proof. Out of a team of 40+ people, the office gathers as many as 15 different nationalities: Luxembourgish, French, Belgian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Moroccan, Algerian, Czech, Filipino, Tunisian, Brazilian, Indian, Romanian and Chilean.

“It goes without saying that this diversity is extremely beneficial to us as a team and to our customers. It brings a variety of perspectives, ways of working and cultural specificities that make us grow on a daily basis. We really saw this during our summer team building day, which brought the entire team together and truly contributed to strengthen our team spirit and company DNA”, explains Olivier.

delaware's diversity around the world

Luxembourg is just one of the many locations where delaware is active. It has around 26 offices spread all around the world. Together, the people of delaware bring together 35 different nationalities. It’s safe to say that the diversity in the Luxembourg office is reflected in all offices worldwide. 

Gender diversity is also high on the agenda of delaware, where the 3000th employee signed up. “It can sometimes be challenging for tech companies to reach gender diversity in their workforce. I am proud to say that our Luxembourg office counts 8 women in the team. It might sound small but they do make a difference – and we definitely are planning to expand these numbers in the coming months and years”, Olivier says. 

He adds, “Internationally, we see a growing number of female partners joining the delaware partnership. It is still not enough for me, but the situation is evolving in all countries”.

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