delaware’s newly developed fuse integrates Microsoft 365 as document repository with SAP

Nov 08, 2022
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delaware is proud to introduce fuse: a pioneering middleware that bridges the gap between Microsoft 365 and SAP ERP, enabling process improvement and making integrated document management and collaboration effortless. fuse was successfully developed in co-creation with Milcobel, Clarebout and Umicore. With fuse, delaware aims to further enhance the digital efficiency of businesses in an ever-growing digital world.

A crucial fusion

In the past, SAP and Microsoft have already taken several steps to collaborate more closely and to better align their technologies through step-by-step plans, best practices and architectures. With over 15 years of partnerships with both ecosystems, delaware contributes to this with fuse. The newly developed tool is designed to bridge the gap between SAP ERP and Microsoft 365 in terms of document management and process improvement. 

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Added value

fuse integrates Microsoft 365 (SharePoint Online) as a document repository with SAP environments, so that both SAP and non-SAP users can seamlessly access and manage process-supporting documents. Specifically, fuse automates the creation of document locations in SharePoint Online based on SAP business objects, synchronizes SAP master and transactional data with document metadata and supports both document management and archiving scenarios in just one tool.

In doing so, fuse makes daily tasks and processes more effective and efficient, saves time and drastically reduces the number of errors in comparison to manual work. Additionally, internal and external collaboration with core processes is strongly facilitated. Furthermore, the document management tool empowers organizations to fully leverage their investments in Microsoft 365, as it eliminates expensive costs of additional storage methods and licensing by giving access to all Microsoft 365 document collaboration, process automation, centralized governance and information protection capabilities in and beyond SAP environments. 

Co-creating the digital future

fuse is the outcome of a fruitful collaboration with customers Milcobel, Clarebout and Umicore, key players in the food and material technology industry. These companies have already made great strides towards building future-proof business processes. However, the disconnect between process activities in SAP and the management of supporting documents resulted in apparent inefficiencies and restrictions, which fueled their demand for a suitable solution. All three companies experienced a gap in the market, as related existing tools are mainly storage-driven. Therefore, delaware developed fuse based upon specific business requirements that were uncovered during in-depth use case exercises with the customers. The excellent dynamic between the expertise of delaware and the practical experience of the companies established the wide applicability and relevancy of fuse.

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