The Advantages of Hiring Cloud Service Providers in the Philippines

Over the past few years, the world has seen numerous innovations and developments in the field of computer technology. From the primitive computing systems used to calculate complex mathematical equations, to today’s generation of hardware and software designed to perform a wide variety of tasks ranging from internet browsing, navigation, gaming, business management, and cloud computing. For the latter, cloud service providers in the Philippines have been at the forefront of introducing this new technology to companies across the country.


With the growing demand for SAP consultants in the Philippines, technology is evidently becoming more accessible to people across the country. Introducing new forms of technology will only allow them to push towards new innovations and developments that would be beneficial for the growth of their business and industry.


Cloud software, or simply “The Cloud," has become one of the more popular computer-related terms as of late, with various technology companies promoting their own dedicated cloud service platforms to their users. While the term has become very common, it is still a challenge for a lot of people to define what cloud computing is, how it works, and what it does when it comes to pushing towards new technological innovations. With cloud service providers in the Philippines providing a new set of technological innovations and solutions to businesses across the country, it is best to understand what cloud computing is and how it will shape the future of businesses and technology in the country

What is Cloud Technology?

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Before we get to know what cloud technology is, it is important to know how the internet has enabled it to become possible and reach people and companies across the world. Introduced during the second half of the 20th century, the internet has rapidly developed to enable people around the world to interact and communicate with each other, only needing to be connected using a computer or mobile device.


The speed at which information can be transferred using the internet has also gradually increased as each decade passed, from the early 56k modems to today’s latest fiber internet that can transfer large amounts of data in a span of a few seconds or minutes. With internet speed across the world moving towards an upward trend, various technology companies saw the potential of providing different kinds of services for internet users across the world, without the need for sophisticated and expensive hardware. This led to the development of cloud technology, which is a set of computing services that can be accessed anywhere across the world with an internet connection.


These services can range from platform to platform, from providing secure data storage for media and information, data management systems, software access, business management software, and much more. This accessible approach towards digital services not only makes everything more convenient for internet users, it is also more cost-effective, as the hardware needed to access these systems would not be demanding, as you would only need a solid internet connection to make things work.

How Could Technology Works

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Cloud technology works by storing and accessing your data and software on the internet. Instead of taking up storage space and requiring hardware to run, cloud technology provides these two elements by running them through their own servers to enable you to access these services. Imagine cloud technology as one large hard drive that provides you access to a variety of software and services, without the need to physically have them.


This is convenient, as lower-end hardware would still be able to handle these services without struggling to run them, which is one issue with conventional hardware technology. While some companies provide software access to cloud technology users, there are also some companies that do not need physical servers and are running their services exclusively on the cloud itself. This approach makes it a more accessible and affordable option for both ends, as hardware needs would no longer be as demanding as they were during the early days of physical data storage and servers.


The internet is central to all of the functions of cloud technology, and simply having a fast and stable connection would provide you access to all of these. Cloud technology is a product of years of innovation and development that has gone through a number of complicated processes to be accomplished, with the result being a service that is convenient and highly accessible. With a number of ambitious technological projects and innovations in the near future, cloud technology is an important piece in helping these innovations come to fruition.

Types of Cloud Technology Services

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Cloud technology services come in various forms, with each service specializing in a certain set of platforms that allow you to perform various functions. It is important to identify these types of cloud technologies, as each one fits the needs of specific industries, providing quality and efficient software that is more accessible to more people. There are 3 primary types of cloud technology services available for industries to utilize, and here’s a quick look at each of them and what they offer.

Software as a Service (SaaS)


One of the most popular forms of cloud technology service, Software as a Service provides businesses with applications and tools that can be used for productivity, human resources, business management, and basic work functions. With some companies requiring their computers to be equipped with some of the latest in office software, having an SaaS service will provide you with a wide set of tools without the need to install it on individual devices, thus saving more time and budget.


Cloud service providers in the Philippines would be able to provide different types of software plans for each company, each providing a set of software to use. SaaS providers also have a varied set of support services, from direct and efficient customer service to fixing and troubleshooting being handled by their personnel. Having these support services allows companies to save time and personnel that would have been assigned to monitor and maintain these systems. These packages can include computer operating systems, email and data storage, customer relationship management, human resources management, and even employee tracking systems.


Software as a Service is one of the most widely-used forms of cloud technology, as it provides businesses with the most convenient and cost-efficient option that allows them to equip their employees with the latest in office and business management software. This will allow your workforce to become more coordinated with their communications and tasks, along with the ability to be able to access it in or out of the office. If you are looking to optimize your company and provide your employees with the latest software, utilizing SaaS would be the best option.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


A cloud technology service mostly used in the technology industry, Infrastructure as a service provides a wide amount of freedom to customize and adjust their needs, along with access to various web infrastructure. The open-ended nature of this service allows cloud service providers in the Philippines to be able to craft a diverse package that would accommodate both short-term and long-term plans of a company’s strategy. IaaS also provides a company with data centers and a wide set of IT software that allows for a wide set of customization options that can adhere to various needs and requirements.


This same software can also be used to create protective firewalls and data storage centers that ensure information will be kept securely. Should these companies also attempt to create their own set of software, they can also utilize IaaS to craft and experiment with the same software on a secure platform, thus providing a free testing ground. Web hosting and data analysis are another set of functions that can be done with an IaaS system in place, allowing a company to host and support multiple websites, along with providing a solid research and analysis platform that is essential in business strategy.


Technology companies have always been at the forefront of numerous technological innovations and having the right platform that will help them continue to develop better technologies will only allow them to perform at their best. A cloud technology service that offers a platform for innovation and experimentation, IaaS provides the best and latest tools that push the limits of technology.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)


Software creation is one of the main tasks of technology companies, as they look to create platforms that provide convenience and seamless functionality that their clientele would be able to utilize. With a growing number of digital applications available in the market, it is important to stand out and provide the best quality and functionality available, and this is where Platform as a Service cloud technology comes in.


PaaS systems offer developers with robust platforms and frameworks that enable them to create a diverse set of applications that can perform a wide set of functions. One of the distinct advantages of this system is that developers with minimal coding experience would still be able to create applications, thanks to the accessible interface.


The convenience of having a PaaS system also allows you to integrate these applications to multiple platforms much easier, as some software provides you with the ability to utilize cross-platform functionality. Development time is also shorter, as you have an optimized framework that is versatile and easy to navigate, along with some pre-coded elements that help save time. Software applications have become one of the best ways to make functionality become more convenient for the user, and PaaS provides the best tools that will help you get started.

Benefits of Cloud Services to Companies and Industries

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Getting a quality cloud services provider in the Philippines provides you with a wide set of advantages and benefits that help make the workplace more efficient. Here are some of the best benefits that you can get from using cloud services.


Easy to set up - Compared to installing software on individual devices, cloud technology allows you to integrate them into your system automatically, only needing the internet to access all of the necessary platforms. This allows you and your company to be able to quickly begin your operations without delay, as you would only need a few minutes to access these systems.


Automatic Updates - One of the disadvantages of traditional software is that you would need to update them by purchasing a software patch and having to update each one individually. Cloud technology services help optimize this process by automatically updating all of their software, without the need to install and register update patches. This helps save a lot of time and money that goes into improving software, as you are ensured that you and your company are using the latest software available.


Accessible everywhere - Cloud technology can be accessed on almost every device that has an internet connection, which means that you will be able to access it on your mobile devices outside of the office. This ensures that you will not miss crucial updates and information, as you can view them on the go. This benefit also provides employees the ability to work remotely, allowing more opportunities to have more diverse workplaces.

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