Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Imagine a time when…

  • You can have a holistic view of the entire pallet journey to ensure transparency and accuracy of inventory.
  • You can optimize space, facility utilization, resource productivity, and process efficiency.
  • You can automate goods movement and manage inventory, in order to sufficiently execute complex processes and support high-volume warehouses.
  • You can keep customer satisfaction high and inventory costs low by speeding up order fulfillment cycles and reducing days in inventory.

You can do all these with the SAP Warehouse Management solution. Delivered by delaware, SAP will help you run your inventory and warehousing at optimum efficiency in order to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Automate and Streamline Warehouse Management processes

Putaway and Stock Removal Strategies

Search and determine storage bins and stock.

  • Goods receipt. Post goods received from external vendors or from in-plant production. Trigger the posting of the material document and the accounting document.

  • Goods issue. Issue goods or materials from the warehouse for delivery to a customer, material staging for production, or internal consumption by a cost center or project. 

  • Stock transfer. Track movement of materials from one plant to another, one warehouse number to another, or one storage bin to another. This includes transfer of stocks from company to company and its corresponding costs.

Physical inventory

Execute a physical inventory count, and account for discrepancies, if any.


Transport products or handling units from goods receipt to goods issue without putaway in between to minimize unnecessary load transfer activities in the warehouse. Reduce time in storage to reduce stockholding costs, and fulfill urgent sales orders.

Warehouse Structure

Define the physical structure of your warehouse in the system, including individual warehouses in a warehouse complex, storage locations, storage types, storage sections, and storage bins.

Wave Management

Combine or split items from warehouse requests for outbound deliveries into waves. Waves are picked and processed at the same time.

Radio Frequency Framework

Implement a radio frequency framework to promote efficiency and fast and accurate data communication with the use of mobile RF devices. 

Radio Frequency Identification Technology

Enable contact-free identification, control, and tracking of packaged products and handling units via RFID labels and integrated RFID tags. Optimize warehouse processes with accurate monitoring of goods movements, transparent and real-time information, and minimal manual data entry.

Bin Management

The storage bin is the smallest available unit of space where goods are stored in the warehouse. Define its maximum weight, total capacity, fire containment section, and type. Through the appropriate stock placement strategy, optimize automatic search for a storage bin with respect to a pallet type. 

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