Imagine a time when...

  • You can serve the reporting and analytics requirements of every department and every decisionmaker in your organization, where they need it, when they need it, and without spending days and days manipulating worksheets.
  • You can gather decision points from all your platforms, inside or outside SAP, into one environment and use it to act confidently with complete and contextual information.
  • You can explore data across the enterprise and deliver insights through an intuitive and self-service analytics and business intelligence platform.
  • You can link and create financial and operational plans to drive better decisionmaking.
  • You can go the last mile of data-driven decisionmaking with machine-generated analytics and augmented analytics.

You can do all these and more with SAP Analytics Cloud. 

SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful, agile analytics platform that consolidates BI, planning, and predictive capabilities that deliver insights to users across the entire organization, for faster and data-driven decision making. Data insights are now based on machine learning, data mining, statistics, and artificial intelligence, all of which showing drivers, changes, patterns, and trends in data. SAP Analytics Cloud puts analytics capabilities not just in the hands of IT but of those who will benefit the most from data: sales, marketing, production, HR, finance, supply chain, and more.


Top-rated BI functionality

SAP Analytics Cloud provides a comprehensive, self-service analytics that will help you monitor performance, discover trends, and find new opportunities for growth. It adheres to visual design standards and uniform user experience, leading users to be productive and successful while taking on important tasks: deeply understanding every aspect of the business and making critical decisions for growth.

Comprehensive analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud encompasses the entire gamut of services crucial to a future-ready analytics solution: from financial reporting, performance management, to enterprise planning. Also included are end-to-end data management tools to support smart data access, preparation, and quality governance. Services may be deployed via mobile apps to allow users to thrive in a digital environment and economy.

Embedded planning and analysis

Embed planning and analysis directly into your processes and your enterprise applications. Learn about patterns and trends as you operate, and immediately take appropriate action. Because you have a common data model across internal and external data, your workforce will have a better understanding of the enterprise’s business language and logic, engaging them on a level that promotes transparency and accountability.

Smart capabilities

Augment business intelligence and enterprise planning with machine learning and predictive analytics. SAP Analytics Cloud has built-in machine learning algorithms that guide data discovery and reveal hidden patterns. With the solution running on natural language processing, users simply ask a question as if in a conversation to get answers on forecasts, what-ifs, trends, outliers, relationships, and more, without having to send requests to IT or data scientists.

SAP Analytics Cloud
puts analytics capabilities not just in the hands of IT but of those who will benefit the most from data: sales, marketing, production, HR, finance, supply chain, and more.


  • Modular deployment

  • Connect up to 200 SAP or non-SAP data sources

  • Manage BI content at all stages of the production lifecycle from a single location

  • Deliver content via outside apps through software development kits

  • Distribute BI processes flexibly with any combination of equipment

  • 64-bit and virtualization supportive

  • Supports up to 1 million users

  • Uses standard business logic and semantics while supporting predictive modeling

  • Runs on readily scalable, enterprise-grade, Big Data-capable SAP Cloud Platform

Key Benefits

Data insights

Empower users across the company to use analytics tools on big and small data to generate immediate insights for decision-making.

Single source of truth

Smash siloes and do away with disparate data sources to establish a single, trusted source of data truth.

Ultimate accessibility

Integrate existing business apps with SAP Analytics Cloud to make more data available from a central location. Design tools to facilitate visualization and understanding. Easily share BI content in one platform.

Customized dashboard

Deliver relevant data straight to the user’s launchpad. Display information in an intuitive and engaging interface.

Easy, comprehensive distribution

Keep everybody — colleagues and external partners — in the loop, via the devices and apps that they are already familiar with.

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