AVEVE: Customer first!

Jul 11, 2017
  • retail
  • Sitecore

Through its expertise and commitment, over the years AVEVE has successfully built a very large and loyal customer base. To further improve the relationship with its customers, AVEVE turned to delaware to build a consistent and personalized omnichannel customer experience. The expert advice and personal contact that customers were already used too from talking to the AVEVE advisors in the shops, was to become the standard for all channels!

A personal touch

After a first proof of concept (POC) for the bakery website, all other AVEVE websites were equipped with user-friendly navigation and responsive design. Based on the customer profiles and their previous and real-time behavior, AVEVE proposes them the most relevant content, products and recipes. To AVEVE, this content is key as it helps deliver the same level of expertise, both in the shops and online.

Meet Marie & Michel

After the first POC, AVEVE also introduced Marie and Michel, two online AVEVE experts who provide online support and answer the customer’s every question.

Proof, once again, of AVEVE’s unshakable commitment to advise its customers in the best way possible.

Foundation for growth

To deliver this personalized omnichannel shopping experience, a solid IT infrastructure is a must. To show real-time prices and content of over 30.000 products, a product management system was successfully integrated with sitecore and the ERP system. With this foundation laid, AVEVE will be ready for the next step in optimizing the customer journey: e-commerce!

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