Governance & Security on Microsoft Teams

Governance & Security on Microsoft Teams

May 23, 2023

Get the most out of Microsoft Teams with delaware Workspaces and Connect

When COVID struck, many organizations quickly turned to Microsoft Teams as an easy way to engage virtually with colleagues, partners, and customers through chat, calls, or video. As Teams usage grew — exploded, even — governance issues and security concerns emerged, preventing some organizations, and larger businesses in particular, from (further) deploying the solution.

delaware offers you the tools to solve these issues and concerns. With Workspaces and Connect, two newly developed solutions from delaware, you can streamline and optimize your Microsoft Teams experience. You'll have everything you need to keep your team connected, informed, and productive, no matter where they are or what device they use.

Not only do both solutions make for a more secure and controlled Teams environment, they also help you get the most out of it. Like most users, you’re probably familiar with Teams’ key communications features, such as chat and videoconferencing. However, the real business value of Teams is realized when you use it as an enterprise collaboration platform. Getting the most out of Teams also means capitalizing on its file storage possibilities, for instance.

Why attend

Join our delaware experts at a special Teams governance & security event in Luxembourg, where you’ll:

  • learn how to enhance your experience of Microsoft Teams with delaware’s governance tools
  • get a clear overview of the many benefits these tools can bring to your Teams environment
  • see live demos of delaware Workspaces and delaware Connect
  • gain insights from real-life testimonials from other enterprise customers, such as BIL (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg)

Please note that all presentations will be delivered in French.

Registrations are closed for this event

Agenda & Event info


09:00 | Breakfast

09:30 | Welcome and introduction

09:40 | Presentation of Workspaces, a powerful solution for overseeing Microsoft Teams and ensuring proper governance over time 

10:00 | Workspaces: demo + customer testimonial BIL (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg) 

10:40 | Coffee break

10:50 | Presentation & demo of Connect, the perfect tool to streamline your team's workflow 

11:50 | Q&A

12:00 | Lunch & networking (optional)

13:00 | End

Timing & location

When ?

Tuesday, 23 May, 2023 

Where ?

Microsoft Luxembourg

23–29 Rives de Clausen

2165 Luxembourg

Curious about Connect & workspaces ? 


Built on SharePoint and integrated with Microsoft Teams, Connect is the perfect tool to streamline your team's workflow and keep everyone on the same page. With Connect, you can:

  • Highlight important information: Connect makes it easy to draw attention to important updates, announcements, and documents, so that your team always stays informed.
  • Personalize content: Connect shows personalized content based on each user's preferences and interests, ensuring that everyone sees the information that's most relevant to them.
  • Stay up-to-date with notifications: Connect sends you a notification digest when you want it, so that you never miss an important update or deadline.
  • Combine with Microsoft Viva: Connect can be integrated with Microsoft Viva, allowing you to take advantage of even more productivity and collaboration features.


Workspaces is a powerful solution for overseeing Microsoft Teams and ensuring proper governance over time. Key features of Workspaces include:

  • Enforced governance policies, such as requiring a certain number of owners and periodically validating team members, to maintain oversight and effective management of teams. 
  • Clean guest access after a certain period to prevent security risks. 
  • Customizable approval workflows for team creation and external sharing, ensuring that all new teams are properly vetted before they are created. 
  • Dashboards and reports to monitor team activity, user activity, and team creation requests. 
  • Bulk-operations for adding, removing, or cloning users' memberships on multiple teams, and automatically populating team members with Azure security groups. 
  • Template creation for consistent team structures, including channels, tabs, tools, and folder structure.