Microsoft Gold Partner: what does this mean to our employees?

Mar 11, 2020

We’re proud to announce that delaware recently renewed its Gold Partnership with Microsoft. It’s a formal acknowledgement of our continued efforts to be an integral part of the industry leader’s ecosystem. The Gold status is awarded based on actual turnover, customer references, and of course, the number of certified consultants. 

Microsoft technology doesn’t stand still – and neither do we! As Gold Partner, we like to make sure that we’re up to speed with their latest products and functionalities. We do that by regularly upgrading our people’s technical skills and knowledge. Microsoft releases new updates several times a year, and we consider it our responsibility to track these changes and get everyone in the team up to speed as soon as possible. That’s why so many of our consultants are certified: certifications are a great way to prove that we keep to Microsoft’s high quality standards.

Gold Partner perks

As Gold Partner, we can rely on increased Microsoft support. This is particularly interesting for our customers, who may rest assured that their systems are in the hands of qualified experts. We can easily log support tickets with Microsoft to report any issues. We’re also the first to know about new releases, have access to previews and can try out features that are still in development.

The partnership obviously works both ways. While we can always count on Microsoft to help out, they also clearly value our feedback and suggestions. This three-way interaction between provider, implementor and customer has become indispensable!

What’s in it for the #peopleofdelaware?

It’s not just our customers who benefit from our Gold Partnership – as do our people. Steven Devos, proud member of our Microsoft Dynamics Development team, explains: “We’re invited to unique events where we get the chance to meet big Microsoft names in person and pick their brain. This partnership provides plenty of opportunities to become an expert in your field.”

The driving force behind it all? Certificates. “They are a powerful confirmation of our expertise as a company and motivate us to reshape our knowledge,” says Steven. Besides giving a great confidence boost, certificates are solid proof of professional growth. Steven: “My certificates show that I’m capable of improvement. It’s how I challenge myself to be the best possible version of myself.

My certificates show that I’m capable of improvement. It’s how I challenge myself to be the best possible version of myself.
Steven Devos, Microsoft Dynamics development consultant

Not a must, more like an opportunity

Obtaining a certificate isn’t a must. If you’re up for it – great! Busy working on a project? Then we understand right now isn’t the time. Steven: “The mere fact that you get the opportunity to educate yourself on these topics is a big plus.” It usually takes a few days to pore over all of the course material – luckily delaware provides the time to ‘sharpen your saw’. 

To obtain a certificate, you have to pass a certification exam. As Gold Partner we have unlimited access to the Microsoft Learn platform, to consult all course material and exercises. Certificates also need regular updating: “I jump at the opportunity to learn all about new versions of Microsoft’s solution package.” Steven says.

Keep investing in yourself

He continues: “Even though I’m a technical consultant, I’ve also taken part in functional exams.” That’s how Steven shows his business process knowledge is on point, too. “As a developer it definitely comes in handy if you know a thing or two about the business flows as well.”

Our Gold Partnership allows us to be close to the product and the provider, while still staying true to our culture and our values. At delaware, we’re fully in tune with Microsoft’s product offering, and our consultants gain hands-on experience implementing their solutions to solve real-life business cases.

Steven’s tips on certificates

  • Variety is key: Alternate studying for a certification exam with hands-on project work – it will allow you to put theory into practice. 
  • Just do it: There are only upsides to getting a certificate. And if you don’t succeed the first time, you’ll know where your weaknesses lie and what you need to work on.
  • Branch out once in a while: Just because you’re a developer, doesn’t mean you can’t participate in a functional exam (and vice versa). This ambition mindset will bring you far in your daily projects and career in general.

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