[Video] Schréder: a guiding light in AR configuration and VR

Mar 23, 2020
  • discrete manufacturing
  • virtual reality

What do the Grand Place in Brussels, the Marché Saint Germain in Paris and the Queens-Midtown Tunnel in New York have in common? Answer: they’re all illuminated by Schréder’s leading outdoor lighting solutions. To showcase its new Flexia lighting platform and immerse clients into its creative possibilities, the company created an AR configuration tool together with delaware.

“Light has the power to transform cities and public spaces and positively impact peoples’ lives,” says Ruxandra Bex, digital marketing project manager at Schréder. “With the modular Flexia platform, we are offering our clients exciting new ways to realize their creative lighting ideas.”

As with any AR and VR project seeing is believing. Watch the video below.

Luminaries of AR and VR

To allow clients to discover the many creative possibilities of Flexia themselves, Schréder wanted to create something that went beyond a regular 3D configurator. “Our target audience is really interested in the product aesthetics,” Ruxandra explains. “That’s why we were looking for a way to let customers experience their configurations both in real environments and in virtual scenes. We quickly discovered that AR and VR technology were the way to go.”

For both their AR and VR projects, Schréder set up a thorough partner selection process. In the end, it was delaware’s experience in 3D configuration and XR projects that managed to convince Ruxandra and her team – a decision they didn’t regret: “Not only did they deliver an end-to-end solution, they also advised us throughout the entire process. I’m very happy with our choice.”

Seeing is believing

Thanks to the AR configuration tool that delaware developed in collaboration with Schréder, users can now create their own Flexia configuration in 3D. Ruxandra: “Once the configuration is done, they can visualize it in a real environment using AR.”

The VR platform, in turn, offers a compelling way for customers to experience various Flexia configurations in a wide range of virtual situations. “We wanted to create a completely immersive experience,” says Ruxandra. “Users can select an environment and a Flexia configuration and visualize it in a lifelike way to experience the impact it has on the atmosphere of that environment.”

Let this customer case inspire you and get in touch with our experts to explore the possibilities of XR for your company.

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