PSS chooses for the next generation of performance

Feb 06, 2018
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  • SAP
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Premium Sound Solutions, a former Philips Electronics company, is a leading innovator that provides speaker solutions to mainly the automotive industry. One in every three cars on the road has at least a speaker from PSS inside. PSS also supplies to the major consumer electronic companies. Its success is based on strong pillars of competence in acoustics, electronics, software and system integration.

Supporting sustainable growth

Over the past ten years PSS has been sold several times, which held back investment in an integrated ERP system. But now that the company is owned by an investor with a long-term vision and double digit growth figures are being achieved, PSS was able to look for a suitable partner to replace its outdated ERP solution.

“To be sustainably successful and to be able to support further global expansion, we needed to have a solid backbone,” says Achiel Verheyen, CEO of PSS. “We felt very confident with delaware since they’re a really business-savvy IT integrator, with business expertise in our industry. They also have a hands-on approach and the team that presented the solution was the same team that was going to be responsible for the implementation. A project of this size is about costs and technology, but also about people. There was immediately a good connection between our people and the delaware project team.”

A future-oriented outlook

PSS pursued several different objectives with the implementation of delaware’s FAST AUTOMOTIVE SAP ERP template on HANA: more transparency, faster decision-making based on a single source of truth, more efficient roll-outs to new entities and the ability to conduct rapid profitability analysis. Besides that, the new ERP system should allow the PSS employees to focus on value-added tasks and make it easier for them to obtain the constructors’ certificates.

Besides the ERP roll-out to the PSS sites worldwide, delaware is also supporting PSS in terms of change management and communication. “delaware’s one-stop-shop offering is a real plus. In addition, delaware has enough body to support future growth, with innovative technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT). An ERP implementation gives you a fantastic opportunity to embrace change in your organization. If you do the job right, you will be a better company,” concludes Achiel Verheyen.

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