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Never underestimate the importance of a strong support team

Despite being scattered across different departments and locations, the delaware support team is a close-knit community of more than 100 people. From our home base in Kortrijk and Wavre, we provide delaware with locally-based support in an international context. We are a high-impact team and act as a sparring partner of the business. Not only do we enable the work that our business units do, our suggestions and initiatives to improve delaware’s way of working are highly valued as well. As the delaware business landscape continues to grow, so does our support team.

The opportunity to make a difference

Every member of the support team, whether active in Finance, Legal, Sales, HR, IT, Marketing or Internal Communication, makes a difference. As we manage the reception desk, the delaware facilities, the agenda of our partners, or fleet, we connect with consultants all over the company. In more ways than one, the support team is indispensable; we play an integral role in supporting our operations and people and contribute to the successful completion of delaware projects – be it from an internal position. The opportunities to make a difference are endless!

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