Questions & Answers: Leon

Feb 09, 2024

Find out more about Leon's dual study program in business informatics and his work at delaware Germany!

Hi Leon, great that you've taken the time to talk to me. What exactly do you do at delaware?

I am studying business informatics as part of a dual study program and have decided to become a SAP consultant. I work in the area of product data management.

What is your typical working day like as an SAP consultant?

My working day involves to-dos in the area of product structures and meetings with customers. A large part of my work entails mapping product structures in SAP and thereby addressing the needs of the respective customers.

Can you highlight specific projects or tasks that have driven your professional development?

When I joined delaware, I had a project to program a pocket calculator. That was my first real touchpoint with SAP and it was challenging, but I learned a lot from it. At the moment, I'm responsible for preparing a demo myself. I like the fact that a lot of trust is placed in you and that you can take on responsibility at an early stage. Nevertheless, I'm never on my own, because if I have any questions, there's always someone to ask.

In your opinion, what makes delaware special as an employer?

For me, the #peopleofdelaware make delaware special. Each of my colleagues is unique and brings different approaches that we can pool together to achieve our goal. I love the fact that we are one community. The flat hierarchies in the company certainly contribute to this.

How important is "work-life balance" to you in choosing your employer?

Work-life balance is very important to me. I'm glad that I had the option to work from home here from the very beginning. In the meantime, however, I actually prefer to come to the office because I feel I learn even more on site and can go directly to colleagues or my supervisor if I have any questions.

How has delaware supported you in expanding and deepening your knowledge and skills?

For example, through the boot camp in Belgium, which Kevin has already told us more about (read Kevin's article here). That was definitely a highlight of my time at delaware. I also got an English course paid for. It lasted a whole year and improved my English skills a lot. That was also important - as delaware is an international company, a lot of communication is in English. That can seem daunting, but you are supported along the way.

What is your "favorite benefit" at delaware?

Apart from the remote working options, there are definitely the numerous team building events. Last December, for example, we went to the 20th anniversary celebration in Ghent together, including traveling by bus and staying overnight. You get to know people from a different perspective, and that brings us closer together.

What are your plans for the future?

First of all, I want to successfully graduate next year. And then I would be happy to continue working at delaware.

What advice would you give a potential applicant?

Just be yourself!

Would you like to be part of the #peopleofdelaware?

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