Questions & Answers: Kevin

Feb 12, 2024

Find out more about the structure of the dual study program and Kevin's experiences at delaware Germany!

Hey Kevin, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me. So, which course did you choose for your dual study program?

I opted for business informatics and then worked in development at the company for a few months, but quickly realized that it wasn't for me. Fortunately, people at delaware look out for each other, so it quickly became apparent that I wasn't entirely happy in this area. Now I'm working on process optimization and mapping, and I really like that.

How is the dual study program at delaware structured?

The two phases are divided into blocks, around 4-6 weeks of theory followed by 9-10 weeks of practice. The company is aware that the theory phase is the theory phase, so we don't work during this time. We are also well supported, because if the exams fall in the practical phase, you can sometimes take some time to prepare for them them during working hours.

Where do you see the advantages and disadvantages of a dual study program?

The biggest advantage is that you earn money straight away. The practical experience you gain during your studies and the fact that you can build a network is also a big plus. However, it can sometimes be stressful because you get a lot of information at once. There's no doubt that it's exhausting, but it's certainly manageable. The professors are also aware that it is difficult to rework material, which is why everything is taught in the lectures.

How has delaware supported you in expanding and deepening your knowledge and skills?

I was invited to spend a month at our headquarters in Belgium and took part in our delaware Academy. It's a fun way to get to know the company, learn more about SAP, Microsoft, etc. and of course meet colleagues from different countries. After a week of general training, you go to "your area", where you are guided through various presentations and exercises. In the international context, everything is held in English. I definitely learned a lot during this time!

What do you think makes delaware special as an employer?

One of the things I particularly appreciate are the flat hierarchies in the company. In combination with our "first name only” culture, you have the feeling that you can talk to everyone at eye level. This makes communication with team leaders and managers easy and relaxed.

What is your "favorite benefit" at delaware?

Currently definitely the flexible working hours. If you're not involved in a customer project, you can organize your day very flexibly and work more or less whenever you want, apart from the core working hours. This gives you a lot of freedom and a good work-life balance.

How do you see your future at delaware?

I would like to do a dual or part-time Master's degree, and I see myself continuing to work at delaware. The chances of staying are good, because delaware trains its students with the aim of taking them over.

What advice would you give a potential applicant?

My advice would be to take your studies seriously and be aware that they are demanding. Once you are on board at delaware, you should have the confidence to address problems and give feedback.

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