DM4Mill by delaware

DM4Mill by delaware

SAP DM for the Mill Industry

Through strategic development cooperation between SAP and delaware!

The collaboration between delaware and SAP utilises the extensive expertise of both companies in the manufacturing and mill products industries. 

The result: DM4Mill by delaware, an industry-specific MES solution which covers your manufacturing requirements including MILL Industry specific requirements and processes.

It seamlessly integrates production managers with machine operators and stakeholders for intra logistics. Quality control along with End2End Traceability goes hand in hand with the solution. You are guided through the production in an interactive way handling industry-specific process requirements. Machine integration frees your experts up from repetitive work and increases data accuracy. Manufacturing insights enables transparency on processes at work center level, along the production process and even across production locations.

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Why clients choose our solution

  • Industry-specific individualization
  • Further development according to new industry standards and technologies 
  • Differentiation from competitors

Why SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud?

  • Real-time operational transparency: insights into availability, production performance, OEE and other (personalized) KPIs;
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning scenarios: Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning models for predictive production and maintenance and to avoid quality problems;
  • Horizontal integration: Combine data across store floor systems and external partners or services;
  • Alarm management: Automatically report breaches of KPIs to your stakeholders.